A long time ago, TamsPalm reviewed the OtterBox 3250. It scored really well and has served me well ever since – but Kristin Golliher, the OtterBox PR gal, simply didn’t give up offering me stuff. And when she sent me an email about the teeny tiny OtterBox 1000, I was immediately sold, if just for the cuteness factor. Can the smallest OtterBox live up to its bigger brother? Read on to find out!

My OtterBox was originally a tradeshow press sample that never got picked up – so the packaging probably isn’t the retail one. Nevertheless, it is well done and protected the 1000 on its way to the holy halls of TamsPalm :-) .
0a The OtterBox 1000 0b The OtterBox 1000 0c The OtterBox 1000

Here are a few pictures of the new Otterbox next to a Palm Tungsten T3 and a Palm Treo 600:
1a The OtterBox 1000 1b The OtterBox 1000

To show you how small the 1000 really is, these pictures show it next to the 3250:
2a The OtterBox 1000 2b The OtterBox 1000

OtterBox products have ‘clamps’ that secure the lid when the box is closed. Clamp action on the 1000 is very smooth, opening the clamp does not take too much force:
3a The OtterBox 1000

The smallest OtterBox has an internal capacity of 4.003″x 2.488″x 1.293″ cm, which is barely not enough for a Palm Treo 600(darn antenna, but it just looks so cool):
4a The OtterBox 1000

Fitting in money and a credit card is no problem, the same thing is valid for memory cards and spare batteries for the wireless keyboard of choice:
5a The OtterBox 1000

Mobile phones are a hit-and-miss story. Some fit in(T68i), others don’t(Siemens SX1):
5b The OtterBox 1000 5c The OtterBox 1000

Last but not least, here is a video that shows a credit card, a SD card and some money taking a bath and not getting wet:

Overall, the 1000 is a great OtterBox and definitely lives up to the high expectations set up by the 3250. The small size makes the 1000 unsuitable for protecting larger phones or Palm Handhelds – but that’s what the 3250 is for. If you, on the other hand, want to protect a small flip phone, cash or a credit card, the 1000 will serve you great! The price of just 11.49$ makes it a very affordable choice…

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