An anonymous tipster sent in the image shown below:
 Palm Multiconnector joystick adapter spotted

The tipster has described it as a “circuit board that allows Gameport joysticks to connect to multiconnector-enabled Palm handhelds”. Its release is said to be imminent, developers have already received the specifications and are said to be working on applications to support the joystick adapter. Games are expected to become available hours after the release of the peripheral….

I can recall having seen a similar device on the Senior PUG table(a German enigma group containing many powerful Palm webmasters and PUG leaders) on the German Palm User Meeting – so, it looks as if it’s just a matter of time until this thingy hits the road!

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9 Responses to “Palm Multiconnector joystick adapter spotted”

  1. Going to have to look at making a zodiac -> multiconnector cable now.

  2. Yeah, that multiconnector adapter was brought by the famous Palmsenior Vivo. He was also the only one who throw his Palm across the room. :-D

  3. Hehe, I know the joystick ;-)

  4. The image seems to be taken on the PUM too ;)

  5. he,
    i build this in a bt version for standard usb joystikcs gamepads and wheels, funny to use with zodiac…

  6. Hi,
    cool – the readers apparently know more than I do =).

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  7. Hi,

    any follow up to this? I’d be interested in seeing it.

    Best regards,

  8. Hi,
    sorry – I have no new info on this one as of now…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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