I have tested the Brando deluxe leather case in book-style for Palm TX and T5 for one week now. The case looks significant which is caused by the used materials: mainly leather. The case consists of three parts which are separated by the PDA: in front of the PDA you have two slots for e.g. credit cards and two slots for SD or MMC cards. Behind these slots you find another pocket for e.g. credit cards again. In addition you have the choice to use an additional flip inlay for credit cards.

100 1448 thumb.thumbnail Brando deluxe leather case for Palm TX and Palm Tungsten T5

The second part consists of the PDA itself.
The third part consists again of two slots for credit cards.

100 1451 thumb.thumbnail Brando deluxe leather case for Palm TX and Palm Tungsten T5

The case is shipped in a red box with the “BRANDO” tag. The first surprise is the size of the case. It is really handy: The PDA is only slightly smaller than the case.

100 1447 thumb.thumbnail Brando deluxe leather case for Palm TX and Palm Tungsten T5

The placing of the PDA into the case is easy: First you have to remove the flip cover because the track is used to hold the PDA in place.

100 1446 thumb.thumbnail Brando deluxe leather case for Palm TX and Palm Tungsten T5

The case can be closed by a magnet clip which holds the two sides of the case relatively strong together so that it can be filled with credit cards, SD cards etc without always opening.
The fabrication of the case seems to be of a high quality: i couldn’t find any leaks.
The only disadvantage is that one has to remove the PDA from its case when it should be placed e.g. in an external keyboard or in a docking station. But on the other hand it becomes much safer when holding the PDA in your hand: the case increases the size slightly so that it can’t be dropped that easy than without.

100 1449 thumb.thumbnail Brando deluxe leather case for Palm TX and Palm Tungsten T5

For customers from e.g. Germany it might be helpful to know that German identity cards won’t fit in it in a normal way – they are too big. So I used a simple paperclip to fix it in the case so that the identity card can be in the case, too.

The case costs 32 USD and can be purchased here.

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