Peter Thorstenson, the developer of tejpWriter and the TamsPalm team have always enjoyed and excellent relation; leading to TamsPalm being the exclusive provider for new tejpWriter releases for quite some time. Peter just completed a new version of his award-winning text editor for Palm OS(review here) – and we are proud to be the first Palm OS news site to present it to the general public!

Version 3.50 is a combined feature and maintenance release. The new features are:

Configurable Tap/Thumbboard key layout with up to 39 macros.
Enhanced Tap/Thumbboard
Tap/Thumbboard skins
Tumbboard MiniDisplay
Improved Viewer font selection
MiniDisplay paragraph position
4 new fonts
XUndo of the last “Replaces all”
Doc Refresh tool.

The Tap-Thumbboard is fully redesigned allowing the user to make his own key layout, and include up to 39 macros in it. There are many other improvements as a result of the new design, for example the “Enhanced” function, which may increase input drastically, and the key click on pen down which makes it easier to know when a key actually has been pressed. The Tap-Thumbboard is also more sensitive which makes it work better on my crappy T5 digitizer, so now I am happy! :-) The 3.50 release also includes a doc Refresh tool, which compacts all records to maximum size, and rewrites the header record with correct values. The Refresh tool can be used to repair faulty docs.

Apart from many bug fixes, I have made a lot of improvements on the memory handling in an effort to make tejpWriter work better on the TX. I have now confirmed stable functionality on the TX with several users. If any one still has problems, please install the latest updates from Palm and look over the programs you have installed. The Universal Keyboard Driver for example is known to cause problems; Please, turn it OFF.

As always, get the latest beta here:

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  1. I just saw that I forgot to remove a debug popup in the html export. Sorry for that. :-( But hey, it is a beta version.

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