So far, my experience has shown me that the biggest single source of income is the ‘afterlaunch’ publicity and pr campaign. So, the idea to a$$ out a few extra spotlight minutes by offering a single, big site an exclusive preview was an easy birth – but the execution can get hairy(I should have known that being a blogger myself).

Essentially, an analyst is a slow beast. He usually has other chores except that email of yours – so expect at least 12h of initial delay. If the review gets dispatched to a secondant, add in an extra 24 to 48h. So, we are at 2 days by now…without a single line in tejpWriter.

After that, the analyst enqueues the program for hotsyncing onto his Palm. Add in another 3h here…

The actual analysis process takes up to 7 days(I do 12h reviews…rarely) – so much about realtimeness…

Overall, getting exclusive previews is a great way to extend the mindshare you get off your PR activities. However, the premium comes at a price…time. Expecting an analyst to cough up a review in 24h may work at TamsPalm’s – but is next to impossible everywhere else. Give the guy at least 7 days of time – or miss out on the extra publicity…

How do you handle previews?

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