Palm’s OS5 Treos have had digital cameras for ages – but Palm didn’t manage to include a self timer into the camera software so far. RNS:: has stepped up to fix this omission – is their ‘patch’ operation successful?

TreoCameraTimer positions itself as a Prefs panel like most other RNS:: applications. The prefs panel allows you to enable or disable the program, it also allows you to choose the delay time:
0a RNS::TreoCameraTimer   a self timer for the Treos camera 0b RNS::TreoCameraTimer   a self timer for the Treos camera

Once RNS::TCT has been enabled, a small timer icon pops up in the bottom of the camera application. Clicking it makes the timer ‘tick’ – the red ring begins to flash to indicate activity. Once the time has expired, a photograph is produced:
1 RNS::TreoCameraTimer   a self timer for the Treos camera

This review looked at version 1.0 of the product on a Palm Treo 680 – the manufacturer claims compatibility with all OS5 Treos except for the Treo 600. RNS::TCT requires 11k of RAM, the product worked well in the testing period.

Overall, RNS’s patch operation was successful – the Treo now has a self-timer option. The program costs 10$ at the TamsPalm shop – if you want a self timer, get this by all means!
Use the code TIMERFORME at checkout in the TamsPalm store to get 20% off the program!

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3 Responses to “RNS::TreoCameraTimer – a self-timer for the Treo’s camera”

  1. Nice photo… ;-)

  2. Hi Phreak,
    this has to do with the overlay going directly to the screen…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. It is worth to mention that the price is now only $4.95 and that the product’s official website is Enjoy! :-)

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