The CeBit hall 7 was full of anti-virus vendors and manufacturers. Read: loads of people to bug for an opinion about mobile virii. I asked a few people from different AV houses, and here is what they told me:

Avira(former H+BEDV)
The Avira rep stated that his company expects a significant epidemic of virii for both Symbian and Windows Mobile due to the increasing user bases and also the increased capabilities and usage times.

Carriers will eventually step into the fight – but only after the first epidemic makes their customers force them to participate.

ESET, better known as the manufacturer of the award-winning NOD32 antivirus program, currently doesn’t offer any kind of antivirus product for mobile devices. However, the company plans to release such a product in fall of this year.

ESET expects the virus situation to get _much_ worse in the next time…

The F-Secure rep was giving a lecture while I visited their booth. However, he is willing to take a 10q interview later if you want him to(just post a comment saying yes and maybe giving some example questions

The Symantec rep told me that a new research bulletin will become available on the 20th of March(we will receive a copy afaik). This bulletin will contain further information. Meanwhile, he gave me the following statements:

  • Currently, the number of threats is low
  • Palm OS Treos are expected to come under fire soon
  • Expect worsening of situation

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2 Responses to “CeBit: a few assessments of mobile virus threats”

  1. Well, what did you expect? That people selling anti-virus programs tell you there will be no need to buy their software? ;)

  2. F-Secure:yes

    Specifically touch on PalmOS virii, how to protect yourself and your data, how long do we have before things get hairy etc etc… Basically a forecast of what is to come.


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