On the Access site, you can download an Garnet OS Emulator. The emulator is called Janeiro, which was announced by PalmSource already two years ago and emulates both ARM and 68k. Finally, it has now been published. But it doesn’t include Garnet and Cobalt ROMs, but a Linux kernel on which runs Garnet OS 5.5 (in the launcher it says Palm OS Garnet 5.50).

You can download a TAR GZ archive (20 MB) which includes a Linux and a Windows version. The emulator is slower than other Palm simulators (the simulator runs Palm OS native on your x86 computer, whereas Janeiro is a true ARM emulator). The interface is similar to Palm OS 5.2 or 5.4, but it has other fonts and uses the untypical display resolution of 240×320. I couldn’t install Palm applications (at least not by Drag & Drop), and it only contained the standard PIM applications, preferences and one test application.

 ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator

 ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator  ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator  ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator

Other tests and information will follow soon.

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15 Responses to “ACCESS publishes Garnet VM Emulator”

  1. Why would ACCESS still be focused on Garnet with the eminent release of ALP? /me is confused…

  2. Access wants developers to check if their applications work properly on Garnet VM. Remember, there are 20000+ applications for Palm OS, and still nothing for ALP.

  3. The biggest hurdle for anyone building a new OS is that people won’t wont it until there are apps for it and code monkeys won’t bother until there is a user base. ALP has jumped that but being able to emulate POS apps.

  4. The linux version runs nicely in VMWare player with Ubuntu 6.10 wut Windows as host OS.
    See the directions on the Access site.
    I got external network access from the linux version working, but have not succeeded yet with Janeiro (only access to the Windows side, not to the network outside).
    For linux oriented people this is the first time they have a good PalmOS 5.x simulator.

  5. OK, thanks for the explanation guys :-) It was a slow day for me.

    Later Daze,

  6. Thanks for the tip. I am using it under Sabayon Linux and it is a good tool to ensure application compatibility.

    By the way, I am glad that all my Palm applications run unmodified on GarnetVM, even a Desk Accessory. Too bad that low-res graphic resources are displayed on default 240×320 screen.

  7. Too bad GVM is not open sourced, then we could run Palm applications on the Linux that Garux boots…

  8. ANybody know where to get or have the old ROMs for Cobalt and Garnet?

  9. There are no ROMs availible… And I don’t even know if Janeiro is compatible, because it emulates Palm on a Linux base.

  10. it used to. The ROMs came as .widebin files and had Garnet and Cobalt images. I had them but accidentally deleted them 1.5 years ago.

  11. Hi,
    as far as I know, Janeiro once was billed as a super emulator that was capable of running stuff like ARMLets unmodified…

    No idea what became of it though…it once was part of the Inside Track program by Palm…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  12. This IS Janeiro (seems to be modified in order to run a Linux machine).

  13. Does anybody know a way to upload files into the Windows Version?

  14. When I run gvm from the linux_rel folder I get a window with only the tab “Shell” in it, with one choice, “About Shell” – no builtin apps. I do not see any way to install/run other apps – putting things in an autoload folder hasn’t had any effect, nor “appswitch”, “applaunch”, or “dbimport”. I must be doing something pretty basic wrong, but what?

  15. How do you connect the ‘modified’ PalmDebugger to the Janeiro Emulator? I select “emulator” in the menu and nothing happens. it doesn’t look much different to me and its last modified date is 2005…

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