Access has released its Access Linux Platform SDK a few hours ago, thereby officially starting the development process for its developer partners(who weren’t privileged enough to get the SDK before its public release). Anyways, I don’t crank up my compiler yet; and won’t do so in the near future either – for one simple reason:

No one knows how and when this thingy will ship out!

Thousands of man-hours were wasted in PalmSource’s huge Cobalt debacle – applications were rewritten for an OS that simply never materialized(ok, there were 20 Cobalt smartphones – what a market). Back then, developers wanted to be the first to be Cobalt compatible…but why?

Both ALP and Palm’s Linux derivative will run Palm OS Garnet apps

Let the message above sink in carefully, please. You can support both platforms with the same code base and the same executable file…by simply sticking to what you know best(aka developing OS5 apps).

Eventually, you may want to move to one of the two platforms exclusively(and dump StyleTap in the process) – but this is a step that shouldn’t be taken just for marketing reasons IMHO. Unless the technology forces you to move, don’t…why alienate half of your potential customers?

Please tell us how you handle the upcoming Linuxii!…off to learn some PocketPC programming =)…

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2 Responses to “Why I am not developing for ALP(yet)”

  1. I shall stay developing OS5, if only because I am too cheap to get an ALP device. :-D

    Also, if Palm is also developing a new OS, how do you know what devices run what (who will come out ahead, PalmOS II, or Alp?)

    Too early to make an guesses on the future IMHO

  2. Hi,
    IMHO, ALP will run on all devices that Access Licencees build. Palm’s Treos will run Palm’s Linux derivative…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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