In Austria, retailers are starting to press 2GB memory cards into the market with force(stay tuned for a review of the ‘volksspeicherkarte’). While walking past one of the stacks, I decided to gobble one up….and test it on all handhelds I own. Here we go:

Palm m500 vs 2GB card
The m500 had no problems reading a small PRC file from the card. However, writing data onto the card failed with an error message.

Palm Tungsten T3 vs 2GB card
The T3 read data from the card easily, but could not write data to it.

Palm Tungsten E2 vs 2GB card
The Tungsten E2 failed to see the memory card. Total failure.

Palm TX vs 2GB card
No problems, read/write works.

Palm Treo 600 vs 2GB card
No problems, read/write works.

Palm Treo 680 vs 2GB card
No problems, read/write works.

To cut a long story short, here’s a little table of the results:

Device Sees card Execute PRC(read) Save PRC(write)
m500 y y n
Tungsten E2 n n n
Tungsten T3 y y n
TX y y y
Palm Treo 600 y y y
Palm Treo 680 y y y

What about sharing your handheld experiences? Share some data and it’ll get posted here for your fellow readers!

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22 Responses to “2GB memory card compatibility”

  1. My TX has no problems reading 4GB cards with FAT32 filesystem. It would follow that 8GB cards may also work, though SDHC cards will not, since they use a different system entirely.

  2. Whatever happened to Dmitry G. (, and his rumored fat32 patch for t3? There seems to be one on his website (, but I have had no luck using it?

  3. Hi,
    as for 4 and 8GB cards – tests are coming soon!

    As for the patch, getting any kind of news out of D.G. is very difficult at the moment(he doesnt even serve some of his customers)…so I’m not quite sure about whats running there…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. This “FAT32 for T3″-patch is unnecessary. With such a patch, your T3 accesses cards using FAT32 read-only. What we need is a new slot driver!

  5. My test with Tungsten E (not E2):
    Device Sees card Execute PRC(read) Save PRC(write)
    Tungsten E y y y

    Greets from Germany.
    Don’t ask why it function, I don’t know it. I’ve had testet it first time on a Palm User Group and bought me two 2GB SD-Cards.

  6. Dmitry, like me, is a college student. Essentially, he is taking a crazy load of coursework, and mixed with the social life he imposes upon himself, he does not have alot of free time. I have tried, however, to fix up some of the problems with his customers.

  7. Got A T5 myself have been using a 2G NCP SD Card for the last 9mths Read/Write No problem. Works great on my T3 to (only tried reading(Playing divx Movies till I killed the battery.)) Wonder what’s the fuss about since the technology has been out for 1-2years now. Anybody have any luck receiving SMS on the T5 with sonyerisson k800i?

  8. Hi,
    I wonder about why Palm’s TE2 doesnt support the 2GB cards…maybe to force customers who want higher capacities to purchase the Palm TX?

    As for the Patch, Alexander is right…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  9. I have asked Palm for a definitive statement on the E2 and 2GB cards, I read stories that it is technically possible but blocked… can someone tell me if there is a technical reason or is this purely a marketing trick?

  10. Hi Flowy,
    if you ask me, it’s a marketing trick only…

    But since I don’t work for Palm, I can’t tell you anything…and they probably wont tell you anything either!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  11. Well, this is an old thread, but I’ll add my two cents:

    Kyocera 7135 smartphone running PalmOS 4.1.2 (Kyo customized, JackFlash modded) with Ultra 2GB SD card:

    Sees card Execute PRC(read) Save PRC(write)
    y y y

    Kind of amazing, really…5-year-old technology runs great with a brand new card.

  12. Hi
    wow…very interesting…

    Could just post soon!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  13. I’m thinking of getting a 2GB just for movies and mp3′s, as I bought a new internal battery (1100mah) for my t3, and I can finally watch a whole full length movie on a charge. (full screen, underclocked). Would be nice to have write access though…

  14. Have just bought a 2GB SD card for mp3′s and find that my T3 will only read part of the content, approx 70 songs, and won’t let me create a song list from those either. Just started serching but havn’t managed to find any downloads to remedy this yet. any ideas?

  15. Hi Phil,
    hmm – thats strange.

    T3′s usually can READ the whole card…just not write to it…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  16. Looks as if I could expect a 4GB or 8GB SD card (but not an SDHC one) to be readable by a Tungsten T3, but perhaps not writeable. Can anyone confirm?

  17. 2GB card works in my Tungsten (original, not T2). A non-SDHC 4GB must be formatted FAT32, which I don’t think it understands, so when I put that in it just thinks it’s unformatted. I don’t think you can go over 4GB without using SDHC.

  18. Hi i just bought a 4GB Kingston SDHC card for mp3′s and such, but it does not work on my Tungsten E2. Someone mentioned before that it could work, but its just blocked. Does anyone have any way of unblocking that with a patch or software download? Any help would be appreciated since my ipod just died and i don’t have the dough to go get a new one. Thanks

  19. Hi,
    try Dmitry Grinberg’s SDHC tool!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  20. I have a Palm Zire 31. Is there a patch or update now that I can use to be able to use my 2G SD memory card instead of a 1G???? I just bought the 2G not knowing it wouldnt work in my Palm. Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Hi,
    not sure if Palm SDHC can do it…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  22. I also have a Zire 31, and it doesn’t seem to be able to see the 2GB card either.

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