The 2gb memory card compatibility table published a few days ago was born when a major Austrian retailer started pushing 2GB memory cards out in masses. The picture below shows the dump where 2GB cards can be picked up for 19 per piece:
DSC04836 The Hama 2GB SD memory card review

The ‘Volksspeicherkarte’ offered was a product by the German brand Hama, a company I have always liked well for their affordable and yet fast memory cards. Hama shipped the memory card in a small triangular blister:
DSC04832 The Hama 2GB SD memory card review DSC04833 The Hama 2GB SD memory card review

CardInfo states that the cards are produced by Toshiba – the picture below shows a ‘status dump’ from Card Info on a Treo 680:
treo The Hama 2GB SD memory card review

The memory card fit well into most of my handhelds; however, getting it out of a Treo 600 was a bit hard because of the elevated markings at the back of the card.

On a Palm TX, the card performed very well speed-wise. After formatting, VfsMark reported the values given below(best of three runs):

VFSMark Results

File Create: 264%
File Delete: 747%
File Write: 15%
File Read: 552%
File Seek: 3933%
DB Export: 275%
DB Import: 197%
Record Access: 1292%
Resource Access: 1280%

VFSMark: 950

CardSpeed returned the following values:

Wrt32bit: 24 bit/sec
Wrt8KB: 748982 bit/sec
Read8KB: 2016492 bit/sec

The memory card was then formatted in a Treo 680. Disasterous values were produced in both VfsMark and CardSpeed – and the Palm TX also lost about 50% of access speed:

VFSMark Results

File Create: 33%
File Delete: 20%
File Write: 13%
File Read: 682%
File Seek: 1475%
DB Export: 20%
DB Import: 316%
Record Access: 696%
Resource Access: 783%

VFSMark: 448

Wrt32bit: 21 bit/sec
Wrt8KB: 10553 bit/sec
Read8KB: 3276800 bit/sec

Formatting the card in a TX and sticking it into a Palm Treo 680 improved the Treo’s benchmark results significantly:

VFSMark Results
File Create: 278%
File Delete: 215%
File Write: 15%
File Read: 725%
File Seek: 1966%
DB Export: 302%
DB Import: 328%
Record Access: 804%
Resource Access: 960%

VFSMark: 621

Wrt32bit: 23 bit/sec
Wrt8KB: 534987 bit/sec
Read8KB: 2621446 bit/sec

In everyday usage, a memory card formatted in a Palm TX(NOT in a Treo 680) is more than fast enough. Recording video onto the card is possible with a Treo 680…no lag or stuttering whatsoever.

Overall, the Hama 2GB is a solid memory card for a decet price. If you want to extend your handheld’s memory, this is an affordable and fast enough way to go.

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5 Responses to “The Hama 2GB SD memory card review”

  1. Tam Hanna should take lower res pictures ;-) took 20 seconds to dl on a desktop. I can only imagine the pain if i did it on my palm

  2. With the hi res shot I could see the write protection yellow slide. I guess that is important to know if it is present. I wonder if Toshiba makes it in China, Korea or Taiwan?(not that it matters too much)

    On a different note I used my PalmInfo program (by in my Tj-25 and it says the file system is Fat 12/ Fat 16 for My lexar MSPro MG I didn’t know two different Fat files can co-exist.The Driver creator is SIMf. File Z calls it a vfat

  3. Hmm on my TE-2 the Card Info is v. 4.5.1P and on my Palm M505 it is Card Info v.4.0 Maybe the earliest version is the slowest?

  4. I suspect the timing differences are because of formatting it as FAT16 or FAT32. Using the wrong format may cause the block transfer to be inefficient, reducing throughput. Because the file system access on Garnet is so basic (no caching!), simple things like that can make a major difference in speed.

  5. Hi Ben,
    but why isn’t the Treo formatting the card with FAT16 if its soo much faster?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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