Yesterday was the first Thursday of the month, and thus the Palm User Group Vienna met again. Since our former pub(the Salzberg)’s free Wifi wasn’t important any more(many of us now have GPRS), we decided to switch back to our former meeting point, the Pizza Plus…after all, nothing beats decent food :-) .

I arrived a bit late and found the Palm User Group assembled almost completely. This came as a surprise, as we were just 4 last time:
0a The PUG Vienna met yesterday 0b The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Alex, the ‘PUM head’, played around with the ipaq rx4240 and was pretty impressed with it. The operating system worked surprisingly well, and the small size and great build quality didn’t fail to impress either.
1a The PUG Vienna met yesterday 1b The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Other visitors looked at the ipaq too – here’s a picture of the rx4240 in use in its Proporta leather case:
2a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

The real star of this meeting was a blue Treo 650. The 650 was airbrushed in a cool metallic color – and had a MiniUSB port added. That port allows its owner to leave the Athena USB cable at home – very handy, as he travels around a lot.
4b The PUG Vienna met yesterday 4c The PUG Vienna met yesterday 4d The PUG Vienna met yesterday

A wriststrap was integrated into the 650′s antenna to simplify handling and transportation:
4a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Software was exchanged as usual, and various Palm related topics(GPS,..) were discussed. The sentiment has improved this time, people were less negative about the Palm platform’s future this week due to the Linux announcement:
5a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Overall, this Palm User Meeting was very interesting. The visitor’s sentiment was much better than in the meetings before – I am sure that I will attend the PUG next time…

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8 Responses to “The PUG Vienna met yesterday”

  1. douh…. ouch… pain!!!! my eyes hurt! I can’t see that blue 650!!!

    ps: the miniusb comes really really handy but the color makes it look like a cheap chinense toy douh…

  2. Hi,
    to be honest, I somehow like the blue =).

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. Lovely color, thinking in Paint my old Clie PEG-Sj20

  4. If it didn’t have as much of the metallic fleck, it would be a better color, imho.
    My dad painted his truck (’73 Chevy Blazer) a similar color and it looks good.

  5. Hi,
    as the austrians say: one can’t fight about taste…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  6. Here I was hoping to see pictures of Pug…dogs!



  7. Hi Michelle,

    PUG->Palm User Group :-)

    I wonder if Phoenix needs one…


  8. Hi,
    Michelle – what about sending us a few pics of the dog kind? Send them to and they’ll be posted!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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