Mahjong is a very popular “recreational” game in Austria – the game of tiles and blocks is a more “challenging” form of the classic Solitaire card game. Literally hundreds of Mahjong games exist for Windows…and now brings Kyodai Mahjong to the Palm OS!

After starting Mahjong, one immediately gets greeted by Absolutists GUI system. I already covered that system a few months ago in the BlockBuster review – to cut a long story short, very slow but funny-looking!

Mahjong supports a variety of “board layouts”. The images below show a few of the available boards:
1a Mahjong(Kyodai) for Palm OS   the review 1c Mahjong(Kyodai) for Palm OS   the review 1c Mahjong(Kyodai) for Palm OS   the review

Selecting the boards is a bit difficult for a novice, as the game does not show a preview of the currently selected board. People who know the board names won’t mind much about this though:
2a Mahjong(Kyodai) for Palm OS   the review

Playing Mahjong is very comfortable on my Palm Treo 680 – the program shows the currently selected tile on the left side of the board:
3a Mahjong(Kyodai) for Palm OS   the review

Absolutist was very creative when it came to creating new game modes. For example, in math mode, valid “equations” can be formed to get additional points. Removing two 6 tiles, two : tiles, two 3 tiles, two = and two 2 tiles gives you bonus points:
5a Mahjong(Kyodai) for Palm OS   the review 5b Mahjong(Kyodai) for Palm OS   the review

This review covered version 1.0 of Mahjong on a Palm Treo 680. The game was stable in the review period, it needs about 1.5MB of RAM. Running the program from a memory card worked well – this is one of the games that reside on your memory card waiting for the minute of absolute boredom…

Overall, Mahjong fans rejoice – Kyodai Mahjong is finally on your Palm OS handheld/Treo.’s incarnation of Mahjong is extremely well-looking and supports innovative game modes. The game would have been perfect if it didn’t suffer from the slow menu system – but nevertheless, Mahjong fans should check this 17$ game out!

Use the discount code IWANTMAHJONG to get 20% off both Mahjong and BlockBuster at the TamsShop!

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