When I originally got my Treo 680, its Blazer browser refused to open many web sites and instead showed a window like the one below:
0a How to fix .php page download problems with Blazer

Most pages which were dynamically generated via php and thus ended in .php were impossible to render on my Treo 680…this severely limited usability.

If this happens, a fix is easy and readily available. Download Resco Explorer(trial is enough), and open Control Panel -> Associations. Look for an association to .php(like the one shown below) and delete it:
1a How to fix .php page download problems with Blazer

Blazer now no longer feels the urge to ‘pass on’ the file to another application as there is no handler available in the Palm Os’ses registry. Instead, it proceeds to render and show the page normally…

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5 Responses to “How to fix .php page download problems with Blazer”

  1. Until you reset, at which point the app is registered again. You must goto menu->Manage Associations and select backup and then check restore after rese tfor this to stay.

    Nice fix, btb!

  2. Hi,
    for me, the offending app was SiED. Since I don’t run that anymore…no more problems here!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. does anybody have a solution for the palm tungsten e2? I need to view some php pages… tnx

  4. Hi,
    do you wish to edit them or run them in the browser?

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  5. I didn’t have the .php association. My ‘offending’ file was “undef_”. It didn’t matter which Web site I attempted to load. The second person I talked to at AT&T was able to solve my problem by taking my phone off the data netword, putting it back on the data network, then doing a “purge”.


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