Today, Palm announced their long secret third line of devices!
The device, previously known as the Hawk (at least on 1src) is now officially known as the Foleo. It is a laptop sized device that is built to sync around your smartphone, giving you an easy way to compose mail, read attachments, etc.

The details on the Foleo can be found here.

More on the Foleo later!

(Thanks go to Alphasmart User for the headsup!)

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2 Responses to “Palm reveals the secret third line: The Foleo”

  1. No problem!
    I do belive that syncing your PDA with a PDA is ridiculously redundant, they should have made a treo with a 5 inch screen or something instead.

  2. A 5 inch screen?
    Eeek, that wouldn’t be much fun. Ya might as well try and carry round an Alphasmart in your breast pocket :-) Don’t try that, I’m not responsible for the damage!

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