Getting the glue library to work together decently with PODS is pretty easy. However, users of the OnBoardC suite were out of luck so far(and still are AFAIK).

However, OnBoardC users can need glue calls, too – and a bit of tinkering and searching brought along a simple concept for creating “replacement functions” for many of the glue calls that change specific object properties like the used font. The method behind it is simple – create it using dynamic UI, and simply remove&recreate it whenever you need to.

The code below is a “replacement” for CtlGlueSetFont – I used it to create a font selector for FontBucket in a soon-to-come project!

static void createDynaCmdFont(FormPtr* pForm,FontID font, char* fName)

OnBoardC coders, please speak up! How do you handle PalmOSGlue?

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  1. bad idea…dynamic ui deletion is buggy since it was made and still is in OS5. this is documented and not fixed

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