The first Foleo interview is with Dmitry Grinberg from Dmitry is known to be an all-or-nothing man who gets straight down to the point – and here’s what he thinks about the Foleo(unedited):

Please tell us more about yourself and your company!
Same as always :-)

What did you expect Palm to release? What were your initial impressions of the Foleo?
I expected them to release some underpowered product with zero market and no potential, as they have been doing for a while now. They did not disappoint me. I honestly see no reason fr this product. First we say that smart phone removes the need for the Pc and its the only device we need, and them we do a full 180 degree turn and declare that it cannot replace the PC and create a underpowered laptop wannabe to go with it. Treo + Foleo = $1200 or so, now check out HP Pavilion tx1000z series. 200 dollars CHEAPER, marginally larger, and sporting same the battery life, but a Core 2 duo processor. And guess what? It can run linux too. For the saved 200 you can get yourself an EVDO expresscard. Add voip and a bluetooth headset and you’re set.

What do you think about the device now that the news is out for a few days?
And THIS took years to develop? I am still hoping someone at palm looked at the wrong calendar sheet and this is all a mistimed april-fools joke.

Do you plan to produce products or provide services for the Foleo?
If the price is lowered to a point where i will consider buying it (100-200) and it is reasonably open (not locked down like linux in TiVo, for example) then i might.

Do you think that the Foleo will sell well? Will it get a successor?
Anything sells. There are always people who do not research before buying whatever is being marketed at them. That being said I do not expect it to be a big success like the Original Zire or the T|T3 was. The successor to is all already being produced by HP, Dell, Lenovo, and such… We call them laptops…

The Foleo looks very much like a subnotebook/UMPC mixture. How will it fare against UMPCs?
Same way a bicycle fares against a Ferrari.

The Foleo was hyped almost as much as Apple’s iPhone. Which of the boxen deserves the hype more?
Honestly neither. Neither introduces anything revolutionary to the market. However iPhone will sell like crazy, whereas Foleo will not. Why?

Apple has a name. Apple products are “the cool thing” and their ads are effective and target the right market. Palm, apparently, does not even know that their market is.

Would you prefer Palm to open the Foleo platform to other hardware developers?
If they do, the responses from those developers will hardly be more then some yawns…

How will the Foleo affect the Palm OS economy and the PDA/smartphone market in general?
The WHAT economy? Oh, you mean that company that once produced good PDAs and bad phones? Well it already shot itself in the foot by not producing PDAs and refusing to make good phones. That ecomony is nonexistent anymore.

Anything you would like to add?
A message to Hawkins’s drug dealer: “Man, next time do not give him that much…look what you made him do”

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7 Responses to “Foleo Interview: Dmitry Grinberg”

  1. I am laughing so hard right now I may just die. I am on the floor and cannot breath very good.
    Dmitry, what are your true feelings on the matter? ;-)

  2. Yes, Dmitry has always his special oppinion. But in this case, mine is similar… no “real” laptop, no PDA. What is it, and why should I use it?

  3. Oh I agree with him also. We have to see how it really is though. IMHO it is too early to make a decision. Wait for more details, and then complain about how crappy it is. We don’t even have a specs list so… Who can tell?

  4. for now i must agree with dmitry, this idea of joining smartphone with notebook is a bit sick. i mean idea of smartphone is to have something small and usable, why carry so big monster with it?

    but more i think more i like idea of having 600$ travelling notebook which has wifi, bluetooth, can last on battery 5 hours. i really dont need heavy notebook with core duo, gigabytes of ram which dies after 2 hours and can be used as additional heating in cold days. honestly, if it has wifi and i am on places with good connection i don’t need phone at all. especially when i imagine that i travel and data connection with phone while roaming is real money killer

    now i only wish that palm will not make something stupid (i mean, from company which can make in 21st century phone which doesn’t support cell broadcast and doesn’t have notification for sms messages being received i am afraid of things i am not even able to realize its possible to make something bad with :-)

    so foleo itself can be good thing, but its not mobile companion, its something completely different. i was shocked when i saw it for first time, dissapointed later, now i think it can be my next toy :-) if someone from palm is reading this: PLEASE DONT SPOIL IT!

  5. LOL! What a GREAT interview! ;) I couldn’t stop laughing! Dmitry certainly doesn’t hold back his enthusiasm for it. But seriously, most Palm diehards and fans were obviously disappointed that this was not what they were looking or hoping for.

    All the hype and waiting only added more to the disappointment. I am obviously one of them.

  6. I have to agree with the drug comments…the first thing I thought when it was released was “what was he smoking”. Hawkins took a risk releasing a third product line. He has a strong user base, and made the mistake of thinking that he could attain a third user base with the release of this product (because clearly it will not appeal to most PDA users) but at the same time it requires you to own a Treo. Its really just not a good idea.

  7. It is overpriced, and its sole purpose does not add any “features” to the connected phone, but provides a big(ger) screen experience. The wireless keyboards palm and others sell don’t sell as well as they should (or could), and they are far cheaper and work well.

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