Please tell us more about yourself and your company!
My name is Radoslaw Nowak, I’m the founder and owner of RNS::
I’m a student of computer sciences and economics, but still I have a lot of time to run my business, as well as (mostly!) to do my hobbies, which mainly consist of travelling, sightseeing, and visiting the undiscovered :-) We are a quite small company, though by developing software for Palm OS only, we managed to get visible popularity around the users of this platform. Although Palm devices seem to stay behind Pocket PC handhelds, we are still loyal to Palm, wishing Palm well, and waiting for its renascence :-) I encourage everyone, especially the Treo owners to visit our website and have a look at our software – it’s really worth it!

What did you expect Palm to release? What were your initial impressions of the Foleo?
After releasing a few smartphones, I hoped Palm will release a new PDA (without the phone module) running Palm OS. It was during the Jeff Hawkins’ webcast that I first saw Foleo… in fact I was a bit late for the webcast, and when I first saw the new device in Jeff Hawkins’ hands, my first impression was: “why does he hold an early 1990′s computer in his hands?”… sharp edges, gray plastic, straight keyboard layout… Then I learned it was the new device everyone was to enthusiastic about in Palm… honestly I was disappointed at the first sight :-(

What do you think about the device now that the news is out for a few days?
This is a very exotic device… I mean there are no similar devices around, and I think it will have to have a really strong advertising campaign to make people aware that it is not a replacement neither for a palmtop nor a laptop… well… in fact this idea does not convince me… I have a palmtop, I have a laptop, why do I need one more device? I’m afraid Foleo won’t be a successful product from Palm (yet another one :-(

Do you plan to produce products or provide services for the Foleo?
For sure not in the foreseeable future. And I don’t think we will ever do.

Do you think that the Foleo will sell well? Will it get a successor?
As I mentioned – without strong advertising – it won’t sell well. A successor? I don’t think so – Palm has never released successors for unsuccessful devices so far, so I’m afraid the same applies to Foleo.

The Foleo looks very much like a subnotebook/UMPC mixture. How will it fare against UMPCs?
I think Foleo’s feature set (both hardware and software), as well as its potential are too weak to compete with with Microsoft/Intel/Samsung products. And the alleged ease of use is not a big advantage here if compared with the possibilities of UMPCs.

The Foleo was hyped almost as much as Apple’s iPhone. Which of the boxen deserves the hype more?

Would you prefer Palm to open the Foleo platform to other hardware developers?
That could be the light in the tunnel for Foleo. So yes – that would be better than not opening it, but whether it would make much difference… I don’t think so.

How will the Foleo affect the Palm OS economy and the PDA/smartphone market in general?
It won’t :-) And co-marketing of Foleo and Treo, like Jeff Hawkins presented in the webcast, won’t help much here. You won’t convince a Treo owner to buy Foleo, neither the opposite.

Anything you would like to add?
Palm! You are FAR behind Pocket PCs! Wake up, guys – you still have a real potential! Wake up!

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