After having received a few inquiries about this, PalmOne’s Note Pad is NOT included into the Palm Treo 680′s ROM per se. So, a hard-reset Treo does NOT include this application.

However, the instructions outlined in Note Pad for Treo 600 also work for Palm’s latest GSM Treo, the 680(tested) and will probably also work for the Treo 755p.

Please let us know how you fare!

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3 Responses to “Note Pad for Treo 680”

  1. Diddlebug is a freeware Notepad with 10x’s the functionality. I use it more than any other program!

  2. I had Note Pad transferred from Zire 72 to Treo 680 using provided by your web site instructions – thank you. I have been unable so far to transfer my old notes (Treo is unable to open them), just application. New notes can be added and displayed on Treo. When I tried to beam individual notes from Zire to Treo, they did not get accepted on Treo due to compatibility issue (strange, both the same Note Pad and both Palm OS 5).

  3. Hi Mark,
    transfer the Compression* files!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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