Addon by Tam Hanna:
Please be ultra mega hyper careful if you have a Palm Tungsten E2. This machine has already proven very unreliable with older versions of UDMH – I recommend all E2 users to keep their fingers off!

Today, GoogleReader brought me this gem:

More Heap Hack

I“ve developed a tool for Palm OS 5.0 which enlarges the dynamic heap using free memory from the storage heap. This is useful if you want run programs which needs much working memory on devices with a small dynamic heap. (like Tungsten T, T2, E)

The tool was build with NaPP, PP, Bird, Piaf & Pyaf on a Tungsten T2 and a Tungsten E.

So, I haven’t got home yet to try this out, but it looks to me like this is a free, opensourced UDMH-like hack. More tonight perhaps (if I work up the courage to try it :-D ), just thought it is worth mentioning this is out there!

See here for the whole story and a download link.

BTW, please don’t yell at me if this doesn’t work. Don’t kill the messenger… I take 0% responsibilty if your device dies because of this… :-D BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!

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12 Responses to “MoreHeapHack: An OpenSource UDMH?”

  1. You give us readers a nice warm feeling! But I would never try out hardware changing alpha software, especially on my precious TX. Although this is definitely interesting.

  2. IMHO, the worst that can happen is storage heap corruption. (Not that bad) Just backup first… I am off to do this right now.
    A report tmrw maybe…

  3. The worst that can happen is that you paperweight your device, which is pretty plausible IMHO.

  4. I don’t know about that, some time ago I remember people bricking their devices with UDMH.

  5. Well, at any rate, here is my results:

    The app works… Kind of.

    I disabled UDMH, reset than I ran it a little bit and here is what I got from MemInfo:
    19726064 Total Size (bytes)
    28304080 Free Space (why it is more than Total? I dunno :-D )
    16777200 Max Chunk

    So I ran Little John to see what an improvement it was and I got Super Mario RPG (an SNES ‘Super FX’ game) going at 23 FPS with no skipping, and sound enabled.

    After I quit I tried running ZDoomZ which has this huge blcok it tries to allocate, i think it was maybe 1k over my max chunk so it reset… :-(

    And it looped at that point and I warm reset -> uninstall MHH and my T|X is in tiptop shape again.

    So, I am mailing my findings to the developer in the hopes of a fix.


  6. So, yeah, no paperweights OR bricks :-D

  7. Installed this on my T|E2. Resetted. Ran LJP with a SNES ROM. Got a crash. T|E2 will not boot now. Does not do hard reset either. This is exactly what happened to me with UDMH v3. However v5 works fine. Once I get my palm replaced, I will certainly stay away from this application and go back to UDMH. I am very very unhappy!

  8. Hi John,
    I am very sorry that this happened to you.

    Did you try to let the E2 deepdischarge itself? Generally, the Tungsten E2 is said to be a very flaky device in terms of memory expansion…for both UDMH and other apps.

    Best regards and sorry once again
    Tam Hanna

  9. I disconnected the battery, and reconnected it. It did not help. I will try get the device replaced, but on my new device, UDMH only!

  10. IĀ“m really sorry that happened to you, John Dale! I hope you will be able to got your device replaced and that you can forgive me. You really should only use UDMH in the future since it is really more stable!!

    IĀ“ll add a really big red warning on my site as soon as possible saying Tungsten E2 users should not use my piece of software!!!

    About the reset loop on TX. IĀ“m working on a bug fix but it is very difficult since I donĀ“t own a TX.

  11. John Dale,
    I am so sorry for this. In retrospect, I should have thought a bit before posting…
    I have been helping Lukas fix the loop bug i mentioned and hopefully it will work soon enough.
    But until then I recommend all users keep your hands off of it…

  12. I talked to Dmitry, who had the same E2 problem in UDMHv3. He says it is relevant to all NVFS devices, not just E2; E2 is just the device which hits it most often.

    So in my opinion until it is fixed all-together, people with NVFS should not use this hack.

    @Lukas: try to contact Dmitry, maybe he will share with you how to fix this dangerous bug.

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