Resco has just updated Resco Explorer to version 3.10. The application now supports SMB file sharing(aka Windows Shares). TamsPalm had the opportunity to play around with the product a bit…here’s our verdict:

Accessing Windows Shares is possible via a graphical browser – there is no need to enter the path manually. However, accessing the browser is a bit difficult – it is hidden in the menu:
0a Resco Explorer 3.10 released   Windows Share access

The browser itself works very well. It scans the network for approximately 10 secs, and then shows a list of all workgroups and workstations in “range”. Each one of the workstations can then be “scanned” for its shares:
1a Resco Explorer 3.10 released   Windows Share access

Clicking on a share allows you to enter a user name and a password:
2a Resco Explorer 3.10 released   Windows Share access

After that, you are set to go. Resco Explorer integrates the share into the “directory tree” transparently – you can copy files to and from it, zip/encrypt files,.. like with files on a memory card:
3a Resco Explorer 3.10 released   Windows Share access

Overall, if you have a WIFI or bluetooth network at home, getting Resco Explorer is a must! Accessing files on your PC has never been so easy and convenient before. The program is currently on special offer in the TamsShop – the price of 25$ is more than justified!

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