Aceeca’s Meazura is especially interesting because of its MZIO slot that allows hardware to be added without significant effort. Aceeca has created a lowcost developer module to simplify development…and vivomobile sent us a few free samples.

When you first get your developer module(pictured below), you will probably feel overwhelmed by the plethora of contacts and connectors. But fear not – the TamsPalm team is here to help!
DSC05750 Making sense of the Aceeca Rev6a dev module DSC05748 Making sense of the Aceeca Rev6a dev module

Basically, your module consists of three separate PCB’s as shown below. The ‘main’ PCB contains the soldering isles where you connect to the bus. The side PCB usually mates with connectors…but these aren’t present on the cheaper(I prefer this one to the one with endcap) version. Instead, you can route wires through the holes. The IR PCB is completely useless most of the time…it just contains the IR transmitter:
mod Making sense of the Aceeca Rev6a dev module

Essentially, you solder wires to the main PCB and route them outta the holes to your circuit. However, there are a few FAQ’s which are answered below:

Is the IR board always connected to the Meazura
Yes. The signal path is shown by the arrows in the figure above…you can easily trace them on your board. As long as the circuit you build doesn’t interfere with the Meazura’s UART2, the IR system will work like it would with any other module.

Is there any kind of protection for the Meazura on the board
No. 5V or a short circuit…and the Meazura is done for…

Is the Meazura waterproof with the board installed
Nope! Treat a Meazura with a dev module inside like a Palm IIIc or a similar, very sensitive handheld…

If you have a burning question, just post a comment and get it answered!

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2 Responses to “Making sense of the Aceeca Rev6a dev module”

  1. The Meazura is of course waterproof with the dev module installed, if you include the cover. Even 3*8 pin connector cover is IP67, so your homebrew add-ons are safe :-)

  2. Hi vivo,
    but not with the endcaps you sent me =).

    As an offside, I never quite liked the blue endcaps…soldering to the “pins” is too difficult and not worth the hassle for me in prototype stages =(.

    Best regards and thank you once again
    Tam Hanna

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