According to an unconfirmed Unstrung report, Palm has recently laid off wifi developers:

It appears that the WiFi team may be among the layoffs. (See Palm Sells 25% Stake.)

Our sources vary on exactly how widespread the cuts were to the team. One industry source says that the whole team has been canned. Another simply says that there have been layoffs.

A further industry source says Palm cut senior staff members, including the leader of the WiFi program and another senior engineer project manager.

“From our perspective it would be fair to say their WiFi technical team was decimated,” the source says.

It’s not yet clear how the changes might affect Palm’s WiFi plans. The company hasn’t replied to calls on the issue yet.

While most commentators have seen this as the end of Palm’s WiFi plans, I am not entirely sure about this. While Palm’s TX and TC handhelds have had pretty good WiFi implementations(for my taste), they still couldn’t quite keep up with Windows CE devices. So, someone at Palm’s could just have decided to “bring fresh blood” into the company by kicking out the existing WiFi people and replacing them with a new batch of people coming from another company(headhunted from, e.g., HP).

Palm managers have repeatedly hinted at WiFi coming to Treos eventually in the past, and ignoring an industry trend forever is a no-go thing too. In the end, Palm will not be able to resist the WiFi train forever…its only a question WHERE the software comes from(outsourced, vendor or custom)…

What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Palm lays off Wi-Fi program manager”

  1. “While Palm’s TX and TC handhelds have had pretty good WiFi implementations(for my taste), they still couldn’t quite keep up with Windows CE devices.”

    I’m not familiar with WinCE devices. How do they use Wi-fi better than a T|X?

  2. They don’t. I’am using a htc wizard smartphone right now and the WiFi of my TX is a lot better – the range as well as the software. Connecting to a new hotspot is far more complex and less intuitive on the windows mobile device.

  3. they “sometimes” do, I used a lifedrive for a while and it’s wifi was a disaster, now I’m back with my T3·, but also I have an iPaq hx2410 which is wonderful at wifi, its easier to connect and also it has a much wider range than the LD

  4. Hi,
    my ipaq rx4240 contains a software called HP ipaq wireless. It really simplifies accessing WiFi networks…the Palm OS of course is simpler, but also has less options…the sword cuts both ways.

    As for range, the TX is slightly better than the ipaq. The ipaq is faster – b ut the TX has 2m more range!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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