Thats right, today is the day…June 29th. There are already people waiting in line to get them at many Apple stores, and no doubt they will all sell out within a couple of hours. I however, will not be getting an iPhone. Here are a few simple reasons why the iPhone is not the phone for me. Ill start with some background.

Currently, my cell phone is a Samsung D807. It is a small slider phone with a relatively large screen and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It is a good cell phone and I enjoy alot of its capabilities such as:

  • EDGE network capability (although its slow, it is faster than GPRS)
  • Bluetooth connectivity (I use it for handsfree in the car)
  • Camera
  • MicroSD expansion

However, more importantly, my phone has its drawbacks, which would prevent me from recommending it to others. The EDGE network is slow, even with the excellent Opera Mini browser installed. It has proprietary connectors, which means I would need an adapter to play music through my regular headphones. Most importantly, although it uses the Java platform, the actual OS of the device is proprietary. That means it only uses Java, and can run no native apps. This means I cant replace the interface or add a new launcher, or even move categories on the phones menus around.
This is the absolute biggest problem with the iPhone. Its running FauxSX. They claim its OSX, but it cant run OSX apps. Now, I believe that at some point either hackers will figure out a way to run native apps on the device, or Apple will open it up to developers, but for now, if you get an iPhone, you are stuck with what you got. Here are my top 5 reasons why I am not getting an iPhone:

  1. Lack of 3rd party application support
  2. No 3G network, just EDGE (this is supposed to be a revolutionary device, EDGE doesnt cut it)
  3. Only 8GB of space in the premium version? (that wouldnt hold my entire music collection (About 9GB), not to mention my collection is all in WMA)
  4. $599, you have to be kidding me. What are the chances it will even last me two years (no gadgets of this type last me longer than 2 years).
  5. No stereo BT headphone support (was apple just being lazy or stupid here, it must be one of those two options)

There you have it, those are my reasons. If you want a truly good converged device, you are going to have to look further. If you are like me, and you want to be able to customize your devices, the iPhone is not for you. I will likely either be getting a Treo or a WM based device for my next phone. I am not sure which yet, but I can tell you one thing. It will not be an iPhone. What do you look for in a phone, and is anyone considering the iPhone?

PS: For reason number 4 above, you must understand that even if the iPhone does not fall apart after two years, there are other drawbacks to keeping it. By then, we will likely be seeing the second or third iteration of the iPhone, which will have either 3 or 4G network capability. Even if your iPhone works in two years, you will probably want to get a new phone.

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8 Responses to “Why I will NOT be getting an iPhone…an editorial by Brad Green”

  1. The iPhone is nothing of a revolution:

    It introduces no new technoledgies (Wow, the same EDGE we have seen in 1000000 devices), it does not excel over any dedicated devices (not better than iPod media wise, the browser (though it will be better then Blahzer) won’t stack up close to a desktop browser, etc.), it is super duper expensive, I can’t see the touchscreen input being very easy (lack of tactile feedback found in hardkeys, the buttons are too small, etc. For example, try using the T|X’s T|T5, etc OSK… It doesn’t work very good.)

    I am not saying the device won’t sell. Hell, it’ll sell like hotcakes! I guess it maybe just Apple’s marketing of it as a jack-of-all-trades that is so attractive tot eh teenage market (like the sidekick. That thing is crazy big in my area), but yeah, the iPhone is nothing in my eyes.

    Just my 0.02$.

  2. I had written a nice comment earlier…. where did it go?

    oh well, here goes again:

    Teh iPhone does nothing revolutionary. It does not compare to the iPod mediawise, it does not have a faster than EDGE connection, and it is not an open platform.

    I’m not saying it won’t sell. Hell, it’ll sell like hotcakes! The reason it will become so succesful is the marketing. Apple sure did make that device look hot. It is bound to be like the Sidekick is among teens (which is huge in my area). It is a device marketed towards teens who want to watch little dogs on skateboards using mobile youtube all day :-) Oh, and other teens, too.

  3. Hi,
    sorry, our spam filter got into a little fight with your comments -> active now!

    I fully agree as for the iPhone beeing not really a revolution…little to add here…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. -removed at poster’s request – th

  5. Also, Brad, I am confused about what you are saying. It seems that you go from talking about your phone to the iPhone in the second paragraph and I cannot figure out what points you are making go to which device.

  6. I see, well what I am trying to say is that the thing I dislike most about my current phone is that it is closed platform, and the iPhone has a similar problem, which is why I wont buy one. At least one reason I wont buy one.

  7. Ahh, ok. I see now.

  8. Judging from demand, they should have priced it $799 instead.

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