The 5th of June once again was the first Thursday of the month – thus, the vienniese Palm User Group met in the Pizza Plus pizzeria in the outer districts of Vienna. We chose this location once again after meeting in the Salzberg for a few times as the food is better and the staff is friendlier – the free WiFi no longer is an issue now that almost everyone of us has GPRS internet.

I arrived a bit late – and found the user group assembled around the table where we usually sit:
0a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

The Nokia N71 was passed around and examined – the main point of critique was that the lid couldn’t be opened with just one hand:
1a The PUG Vienna met yesterday 1b The PUG Vienna met yesterday 1c The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Apparently, photographing a Nokia device next to a Palm device isn’t too popular among Palm users – my attempts were sabotaged all the time(=|):
2a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Our Treo modder improved his Treo 650 even more by adding bands of tissue to its back. These bands allow you to type on the Treo while it lays on a table without the machine toppling over; it additionally improves grip:
3a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

His wife’s Tungsten C wasn’t safe either – it got a MiniUSB jack for charging and syncing, and also received a reset hole that can be operated with the stylus tip:
4a The PUG Vienna met yesterday 4b The PUG Vienna met yesterday

A 8GB memory card was available, too – but my Palm TX wasn’t too impressed with it(no reaction):
5a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Last but not least, a few gadgets(including a GPS mouse) were available “for sale” – more on that GPS mouse soon!
6a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Overall, I definitely enjoyed staying at the Palm User Group, and will be there again in September! What about sending us a meeting report from your PUG?

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5 Responses to “The PUG Vienna met yesterday”

  1. ouch, if that treo could talk… it hurt my eyes… a lot.

  2. Maybe I should be taking bets on when the first IPhone arrives at a PUG Vienna meeting? Better still bets on when the first Folio arrives in Vienna?

    Who is the secretary at those meetings? Will Vienna have a website or TamsPalm is the defacto website for this group?

    One final note, how do you get such good closeups?

  3. Hi,
    as for the Treo, I actually do like the blue color. The closeup essentially was a luck shot, the basic idea behind them is to make the “bulb” of the camera’s flash point ABOVE the object.

    As for the secretary, it is Alex. He has a web site for the PUG; but it usually is offline =| – so trust TamsPalm and you’ll be on the safe side!

    As for the bets: no idea…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. Btw: the PUG-Site isn’t offline ;) see

    And I think we will have an iPhone (when it is released in europe) ;)

  5. Hi,
    looking forward to the iPhone and the next meeting in September!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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