After having looked at the Aceeca Meazura developer module a few days ago, vivomobile sent us even more Meazura goodness…aka developer module endcaps. These endcaps allow you to “cover up” your developer module and seal the Meazura back to its waterproof state. vivomobile sent us two kinds of endcaps – read on to find out more:

Normal endcap
0a Aceeca Meazura developer module endcaps 0b Aceeca Meazura developer module endcaps

The normal endcap simply gets screwed on the top of your rev6a module. You can then screw the module into a Meazura as if it were a CF module – waterproofness et al…

Wire endcap
1a Aceeca Meazura developer module endcaps 1b Aceeca Meazura developer module endcaps

The wire endcap usually ships with a set of three cords that can be plugged into the ports at the top of the module. You can then solder a rev6a board to the back of the cap(solder the gold pins onto the rev6a module):
2a Aceeca Meazura developer module endcaps

This gives you a waterproof Meazura – and the capability to route signals out of the machine!

Overall, I still like my own custom way of building circuits best(pictures coming soon). However, Aceeca really does think about its designers…if you still have any questions, feel free to post away – Aceeca reads TamsPalm(and vivo does, too)!

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