When the Proporta Mobile Device Charger originally was reviewed, it didn’t really work with the Fossil/Abacus WristPDA. However, I recently experimented around with it a bit – and can now present the holy grail of WristPDA battery extensions…the extension to 3600mAH:
DSC06497t Getting the Proporta Mobile Device Charger to work with a WristPDA

Getting your WristPDA to work well with the MDC takes a bit of work though – if you don’t follow the following steps exactly, a hard reset can occur:

Step 1: recharge frequently
For me, the emptier the WristPDA becomes, the more likely it will crash when connected to the charger. Don’t ask me why this happens, but I usually recharge when the WristPDA gets down to approximately 30%.

Step 2: connect cable to MDC
Connect the charging cable(I used a Boxwave MiniSync) to the MDC. Do not connect the WristPDA!

Step 3: power on MDC
Press the small button on the MDC to turn it on. When the LED has become green, wait a few seconds.

Step 4: connect WPDA
Connect the WristPDA.

Step 5: watch
The MDC has internal power-off circuitry that powers it off when no power is drawn from it for some time. This is great for a regular handheld, but not for a WristPDA due to its deep-discharge quirk. So, keep an eye on the package to make sure that the MDC is powered on all the time. I have found out that running a watch face(I used my own Binary Clock for the tests) reduces the probability of a turnoff significantly…

Overall, I can now recharge my WristPDA on the go => no more data loss… . If you have a Proporta Mobile Device Charger and a WristPDA handy, what about telling us how you fared?

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