For ages, the color screens of various Palm powered devices have had a 2px white border around them. Until Jeff Kirvin mentioned the frame in an early issue of his podcast, nobody cared… . Then, TCPMP offered to remove the white border for some T3′s. This motivated Dmitry Grinberg to release an app to kill the frame…and so on.

Ryan Rix recently discovered that the HackNDev boys have managed a truly amazing feat by actually making the border usable – the screenshot below is not 480×320, but rather 484×324(image provided by #hackndev user Miska):
324x484 HiRes+   using the white frame

The maintainer of the T3 port of Linux, kEdAR, sent us the following:

Hi :)
I look on hackndev irc, that you ‘shocket’ about 324×484 OPie.. and you have T3..
You can try latest T3 release with border disable(and 324×484) feature :)

btw: on T3 is posible only with Sharp LCD… i not have tested me release on Sony LCD ..

bye, kEdAR

I am currently away from my Palm Tungsten T3 as I am currently preparing to travel to Stockholm, but can investigate the matter later if you wish me to. Meanwhile, what about letting us know how you fare?

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2 Responses to “HiRes+ – using the white frame”

  1. Hey,

    Plz, ich need this tool to can change the fucking white frame… how i can finde it??

    Nice regards


  2. Hi,

    The er… “fucking white frame”… is changed from within the hackndev Linux OS, so you cant do this on the PalmOS. However, if you want to black out the frame, you’ve a number of options…
    1) FrameTX by Dmitry Grinberg
    2) BlackBorder by Jason Robitaille
    3) BorderDA by Alex Pruss

    If you want to see the full screen in use, try visiting the link above, and downloading the build yourself!

    Best Regards,
    Ryan Rix

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