When the original rumors about the Palm Gandolfini surfaced, we were concerned about its lacking touchscreen and minimal impact for the already struggling Palm OS ecosystem(article here). However, the PalmInfoCenter has just managed to gain access to spy shots of the new box:

To cut a long story short – I will probably not get an 800p or 800w…the machine is simply too small to use it properly. As already outlined here, the main asset of Palm’s Treo is the keyboard and the rather big touchscreen. Together, this creates a mobile device where text input is extremely easy and fast…the Treo 680 blows Nokia’s N71 out of the water for me speed-wise.

The Treo 800p…is exactly the opposite. If its keys really are substantially smaller than the 650′s(quote PIC), the machine simply lacks the ‘Treo touch’ for frequent users. So, they will probably not want to upgrade…

However, compared to a on-screen keyboard or a T9 keyboard like the one found on the Nokia N71, even a tiny QWERTY keyboard is a huge improvement – the speed boost is almost imminent, eliminating the annoying “lag” between brain and device. So, for them, the Treo 800p definitely is an improvement…

Overall, I think that the 800p is not designed to please power users who ‘live’ on their Treos. It rather should reach out to the ‘teen and soccer mom’ audience who want a half-smart phone(maybe after having had an iPhone and growing tired of its lacking features). While this market probably isn’t going to buy freak apps…it will probably still have an impact onto the developer community….

What do you think?

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7 Responses to “Treo 800p pics spotted..what I think”

  1. I agree.

    You have a few different category of users to cater to.

    Light weight texters: These users text message a lot and IM a ton. They are less likely to use anything more advanced than a text message or IM client. Maybe light weight browsing.

    Professionals: These users have very specific needs, but may not use all of the advanced features of the device. Generally they will want email, PIM and possibly web browsing.

    Power users: These users want everything.

    So, a device breakdown:

    Professionals: Treo 750c/v, Treo 700p/w/wx, Treo 680
    Power Users: Treo 750c/v, Treop/w/wx, Treo 680
    Texters (also Soccer Moms): Treo 800p

    Anyway, i usually do not try to predict what products a company will release, but if the 800p is indeed exactly like what we see, then I think what I have described above is the target market.

  2. Also, I am a little bit disgusted at people that are calling it ugly, or under powered and stupid.

    It isn’t targeted to you.


  3. Palm should have kept the same form-factor, but should have put OS Cobalt in it (considering Palm OS II is delayed), and when Palm OS II does come out in 2008, they should make upgrades for that hardware.

  4. Hi,
    first of all: the Treo 800p is coming for sure…one of my best insider sources gave me information….

    Donald – great to see you enjoy a TamsPalm article! Full ACK here…altough I feel that Palm lacks a business GSM PalmOS box…

    Alphasmart User – no way! AFAIK, Palm OS Cobalt is a disasterous OS waiting to crash(=)). No developer would support the box => big eekers for users. As for Palm OS II – forget free upgrades here. Palm will for sure use this milking opportunity!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  5. Well, with the exception of the lack of 3G, the Treo 680 is a business Treo. A higher capacity battery could help as well, but all aside, there is little reason to not call it a business device. I think with the Palm Linux coming up, it would not have been smart/resourceful to spend efforts debugging a 3G Palm device.

    @Alphasmart User: Cobalt was DOA. I would loved to have seen it be successful 3 or 4 years ago, but it won’t do any good now. The new Palm Linux is a far better and smarter choice.

  6. I guess the only real advantages cobalt brought can be put in Palm OS II… (like transparent windows and multiple categories per record)

  7. Hi,
    for me, the Treo 680 already is an excellent device…ok, you cant run it on Hutchinson’s ultra-cheap, blogger-friendly 3g Network…

    As for the battery life, strangely, I never really had problems with it. For me, the Treo 680 has always been “good enough”…it ran out on me just once…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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