Ever since the Palm Treo 600, Palm OS Treos contain integrated CMOS cameras that can produce decent images. Since the Treo 650, these cameras can be controlled via the so-called Camera Manager, an API that should let you control brightness, contrast and saturation comfortably…

However, the API’s Palm itself provides do not work on any shipping Treo. I myself have tested the MiniCamera sample from the SDK on a Palm Treo 650 and a Treo 680 and can report that changing brightness and contrast of images(!!!) via CamLibControl works on neither. A comrade from 1src has tested MiniCamera on a Treo 755p(latest Palm device) and doesn’t report any successes either.

So, to cut a long story short, you can NOT programatically change image brightness/contrast on a Palm OS Treo. You need to live with what the camera manager provides…so much for the Treo being a high-tech smartphone. As for the MiniCamera API sample … do not ask me why it is in there if it doesn’t work :-)

P.s. Sorry for the aggressive tune…but please, Palm, come on. I mean, every 100 dumb phone can do that!

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2 Responses to “CamLibControl – the call that doesn’t work”

  1. Third-party programs like SplashPhoto, SplashBlog, Vox and the recently-released Rapid-Movie has an option that allows us to take photos at the “Highest” quality setting. I noticed that the pictures do look a bit better, although the EXIF info are missing from ALL THREE apps mentioned above! (Developers, please listen, EXIF is important!) Anyway, does it mean that they used a different method?

    Oh, I had always wanted to ask a question similar to this.

    Is it possible for us to change the lens on the Treo? Can I buy a lens that can do 1.3 megapixel and plug it into the Treo (hopefully, the circuits, etc are the same :P ) and then programmatically take photos at 1.3 megapixel settings. 8-|

  2. I doubt it. Hardware is tricky. The stream of data coming from the camera will be longer than expected. The driver for the camera would definitely have to be different. I do not know how you would change a hardware driver on a Palm. Frankly, I don’t even know how drivers get implemented on the palm – post on shadowmite.com or some other major hack site.

    You would also have to get a camera that is nearly identical to the original, except with higher res.

    A hack of that degree may be for a large team to do, not just an individual (it would take forever in that case). You may find investing yoru time and money in an actual camera to be more efficient.

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