A blogger titling himself “Charles the MCP” has posted what appears to be a tutorial for running Palm OS Developer Suite under Vista:

Essentially, it all comes down to replacing the make.exe that ships with PODS with an improved one available from the internet. This then enables compilation of applications…

Charles the MCP also contains loads of other stuff on Windows Vista – anyone interested in taking the plunge should definitely keep an eye on him:


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6 Responses to “Run PODS on Windows Vista”

  1. I said it before – the future of mobile computing is a pocket-size clamshell device that instantly connects to your home or office PC, letting you work with the resources there.

    Sort of like VNC-over-cellular.

    No OS issues, no capacity issues, so synching of duplicated files, no stripped-down applications. Just remote access to what you really wanted all along.

  2. Hi,
    but think of the power usage….plus the issues when you are out of range of the cellular tower(e.g. in a building)!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. Also, what happens when the monthly bill comes in?

  4. Okay, make maybe it will be VNC-over-Wimax or VNC-over-MagicFromTheFuture.

    I can wait.

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  6. So, I’ve been fighting this problem for a while and finally found a solution that seems to have worked. I tried swapping out the make, but that still didn’t give me working compiles. So I downloaded the setup for cygwin and when I ran it the existing PODS cygwin was detected and I let it update everything that was down rev. The dev suite appears to work perfectly now. I was able to compile a simple application and run it with the palmos debugger against the treo 700 simulator. Hope this helps someone else…

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