Well, according to about 1,000,000 posts filing in to my inbox via google alerts, everyone’s favorite $150 laptop, the Medison Celebrity has not shipped yet, and parts of there site are going offline.

With the foleo gone and now my (and about 90% of the general net population’s) predictions on the Medison Celebrity have turned to, seemingly, truth, what does this mean for folks on the go?

Laptops/sub-laptops are gaining much popularity lately with the eminent release of the Asus EEEPC, and more and more hints of a sub-notebook MacBook, which makes you wonder about the future of mobile computing: Will UMPCs and sub-notebooks eventually outnumber PDAs and Smartphones?

IMHO, not. While these devices are steadily becoming steadily smaller and smaller, they are not becoming more usable. Laptops are hard to lug around, and they are hard to use while on the bus, or walking, etcPossibly the worst idea of all is a mobile device with no way to back it up. Find me a quick and easy way to copy 8-16GiB of flash memory to a hardrive, and i will be a very happy guy…

Another thing to think about is with the foleo II running on the same OS as will be the Linux based Treos, we can most definitely count on applications designed for one device running on the other (which is borderline amazing to think of… :) )

What are your thoughts on the future of mobile computing? will the laptops rule, or will it be handhelds ftw?

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5 Responses to “Whatever happened to The Medison Celebrity”

  1. This release seems to be more stable, but it still has a couple problems, like: Freezing when a page is loading, or when in zoomed out mode showing the page like it’s still loading, even though it’s not. So Opera would need to work out these bugs before I would use it as my primary browser.

  2. even after these bugs are fixed, opera cannot be your “primary” or default browser, since links in mail clients, resco news, etc, will open up blazer. The JVM doesn’t allow applications to use PalmOS features like that…
    So, while it great, and will definately be better, it won’t be my ‘primary’ browser.

  3. True, but I did say “primary”, not only…. :-)

  4. I found the way opera displays wide pages to be excellent for certain pages which just refuse to format correctly to the size screen of a PDA/Smartphone.

    But just the same, It’s missing some things. The simple fact that there’s no place to see what URL you are on or just put in a URL quickly is annoying and the fact that it won’t let you use it in a more traditional mode, even if you want to is a problem as well

  5. Hi,
    to be honest, the main problem on my Treo 680 has been that the program has become more and more unstable with daily use. I am back to Blazer for now…

    as for the jumping, however, I don’t really use that feature often…so it isnt a real issue for me…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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