The last few days were abuzz with rumors about new Palm’s new and slimmer Treos. Now that the dust is settling(and the 12th is drawing close), let’s sum up what we already know:

The Gandolf(ini) is the device that was leaked originally. It is said to be similar to the Motorola Q hardware-wise; it lacks a touchscreen and is powered by Windows Mobile for Smartphones.

According to reports, the Gandolf is the machine that will be launched on the 12th as a Treo 500v with VodaFone – it essentially is like a hp 514(review of operating system on TamsPPC) with a QWERTY keyboard and a QVGA screen.

The Centro will be released with Sprint for 99$ on October the 14th; the carrier will have exclusivity for some time. The machine will probably be media centric, as its ROM contains PocketTunes but misses DocumentsToGo according to leaked screenshots.

Engadget already has managed to get their hands on an official Sprint advertising poster and a size comparison image of the Centro next to a Treo 755p.

Centro GSM
Most analysts are blinded by the exclusivity given to Sprint in terms of Centro. However, the photos of the Garnet box running on a french GSM network indicate that a GSM version of the machine has at least been field tested with developers.

Its specs will probably be very similar to the Centro’s – no idea when the box will become available though…

If you have any more news for us, please let us know asap!

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