This comes in from Palm’s PDN newsletter that goes out to all developers who once registered with them in order to gain access to Palm-specific SDK’s:

The Palm Virtual Developer Lab (VDL) program is an online service that provides access to real handsets on live worldwide networks remotely via the Internet. Palm makes VDL available for global mobile software developers creating prosumer, business and services software solutions targeting the Palm pre-release device portfolio.

24×7 early access to network activated pre-release devices for faster time to market and reduced testing costs
The benefits of a real device in your hands – without waiting for a real device

Full test and debug capabilities
Experiencing your solution as your customers will on a real device
Improved accuracy of your test process through record/playback test capabilities
Ability to reserve devices to fit your testing schedule
Reserve the device in advance

Mobile Complete offers the Palm VDL as a subscription-based service. Monthly packages are available.

This program now is only available through the Designed for Palm Products Program and Palm Select Developer Program. Access to the Palm VDL will require an NDA/updated NDA.

Essentially, this means that now even more developers will gain access to Palm’s devices before they get released. For us, this is great in two ways:

First of all, it shows that Palm finally starts to care about its developers again, wanting to make sure that the user experience of the new devices is great right out-of-the-box(aka no issues with 3rd party software). This encourages users to later on try out more software and could maybe deliver a nice boost to the struggling Palm economy…

But it also means that there are now more opportunities for us to get leaked information about Palm’s new devices :) .

Jokes aside: great move, Palm! This is the way to go!

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6 Responses to “Palm launches “device preview” program”

  1. my palm tx made lot of crashes a few weeks before
    now it made me a hell i cant access my touch screen .it is dead now
    i have tried power digi but hav no use
    but my nav key is still working
    do any one know what is the complaint
    i am a electronics mechanic
    i opened my palm and dis connected the screen cable cleaned the socket and plug and even pulled the screen out of the body of tx then i power on the tx but the same remains
    do any one know if it is a software or hardware complaint
    pls help me

  2. Did you try a hard reset?

  3. If you hadn’t opned ‘er up, I”d suggest a return, but… :-(

    Ryan Rix

  4. Hi,
    just chuck it at Palm’s for repair….

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  5. Opening up the unit voids your warranty, if it is still under warrenty….

  6. -> no chucking at palm…

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