Everyone’s favorite OnBoard source editor has received some new upgrades.

Primarily, SrcEdit now supports the use of ctrl-* keys on the desktop PalmOS Simluator, for easier editing in a desktop environment (SrcEdit is a far better text editor in terms of PalmOS coding than anything else, atm)

The new keys are:

  • Ctrl-U or Ctrl-Z for undo
  • Ctrl-X for cut
  • Ctrl-C for Copy
  • Ctrl-P for paste
  • Ctrl-B for Select All

All of these control keys are tested and verified to work (by me) on the Palm T|X simulator. For the standard GarnetOS Simulator found in the default PODS installation, Ctrl-A works for select all, also.

IMHO, OnBoardC works far better (and far more stable) than PODS has…. I recommend that everyone gives it a try.

The latest version can be download from the brainsware site here.

More on the T|X simulator and the ctrl-* keycodes later… ;-)

ps… If you have any trouble making these work in either the T|X or standard simulator, please email John Wilund at orland AT runbox DOT NOSPAM com or find him at the #srcedit IRC channel at irc://irc.freenode.net/#srcedit

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