This is what the admin of Hackndev posted in his forum:

I’ve been rethinking H&D again last time. Our gallery is dead and forums are being attacked by spambots every often. Either we do something or we don’t (and this means we don’t care about H&D future anymore).

We have several ways to go from here.
CMH. Seems that it will be on site when it’s done, but I bet we will be playing Duke Nukem Forever earlier..
New Drupal. Same thing as we have now, but somewhat better. Bad point is that hnd would be reinstalled from scratch due to DB incompatibilities (this one would be moved to We start from a clean&shiny drupal.. then it would be not so clean and not so shiny but anyways..
Forum-based solution. We move H&D to some forum engine and base everything around it (I still think that forums are main part of H&D). Personally I know only one forum that is good enough – IPB. Bad point – it’s commercial piece of software.
other?.. Haven’t got any more ideas now. What do you all think?

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3 Responses to “What about the future of Hackndev?”

  1. PHPBB is nice, ehm, ¿¿¿¿joomla???? it make nice pages, has good spam protection, is easy to update and everithing… but dont know how will it stand against developers needs… what I like about joomla is how flexible it is, you can easily add whatever you need.

    What about google code + forum?? i’ve seen some projects that work quite well using that conbination (iwidarwin for example)

    If u guys need help just mail me, tam’s moderator shall be able to hand you my mail, I guess…

  2. This guy repeatedly posts about this joomla thing. Spam?

  3. Well, if they want they can get our captcha of the shoutbox…

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