Google’s AdWords is a very interesting, altough a bit mysterious service. Most books for Micro ISV’s recommend it, but many Palm OS developers have had bad experiences.

Anyways, I just received an AdWords coupon at the Austrian MedienMesse. The coupon can be used when creating a new account and gives you 30€€ worth of ad clicks – however, adding it to an existing account will NOT work.

As said, I didn’t test this code myself – but trying AdWords out for free is a great opportunity that IMHO shouldn’t be missed!

So, send those emails to if you are interested!

P.s. O’Reilly has a nice book on AdWords(TamsPalm review here)…

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3 Responses to “30 Euro AdWords coupon”

  1. I need a Google Adwords coupon

  2. Thanks for the info
    but u cant use coupons without having some money in your adwords account
    you need to deposit at least 10$

  3. Hi Ben,
    I no longer have the paper, and thus can’t say anything…


    All the best

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