When I was viewing TealPoint’s beta page, I found an interesting new application: TealWeb. At the moment it’s an offline HTML viewer without any additional support for online activities or images (at least not here?). But it could turn into a powerful web browser if TealPoint continued the development. TealPoint writes that development has been stopped because of the lack of CSS and JavaScript ressources. Nevertheless, development could continue if there is enough interest.

Right now we can use TealWeb as an offline HTML document reader. It has “Back”, “Forward”, “Cancel” and “Reload” buttons. There is also a line with 10 buttons which could be taps. At the moment they have no function. There is also no menu yet. To open a file, you have to tap the line on the button in the left bottom line. In the right part of the bottom, you can choose the font size (small, medium and large).

Files can be stored in RAM or on a memory card. Rendering is a little bit slow, especially on big sites (1src, …), but also very clear. One of the main aims is a good table support (It has better table layout capabilities than any browser we’ve seen under PalmOS.”). Links are not supported yet. Below there are some screenshots of famous pages rendered by TealWeb (in different font sizes):

tealweb01.jpg tealweb02.jpg

tealweb09.jpg tealweb05.jpg

tealweb06.jpg tealweb07.jpg tealweb08.jpg tealweb03.jpg tealweb04.jpg
TealPoint homepage

If TealPoint will continue its development on TealWeb, it could become a good browsing solution for Palm OS. There is Blazer, preinstalled on all Palm devices, which has many problems. NetFront and PicselBrowser may not be seen as a legal alternative and also aren’t compatible with every handheld (same thing for Opera). Universe is one of the new projects to create a new Palm OS browser, developed by Donald C. Kirker, who also wants to port the KHTML engine for it. And now there is TealWeb, a very interesting idea of a browser which – according to TealWeb – does not try to change the layout of the page, but render it like your desktop browser. So let’s hope that TealWeb will continue development.

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One Response to “TealWeb – a new browser for Palm OS?”

  1. So, basically, Plucker; but less (and slower and not being actively developed)? I see that it has nice table suport but no image support?

    Sounds like maybe if it they did put some time into it, it would have hope, but atm, why? With plucker you are better off. (compression, too, with plucker)

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