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Card games were among the first to appear on PDA’s – and many Palm OS books still cover card games as typical examples for game programming(as if they tought about time-sensitive coding). Anyways, Red Mercury is among the oldest Palm OS software houses, and AcidSolitaire is quite a few years old…has it matured well?

AcidSolitaire looks impressive, as Red Mercury’s engine does an excellent job at rendering card games. Cards and texts fly across the screen:
0a AcidSolitaire   the review
0b AcidSolitaire   the review

Various backgrounds can be selected to customize the game’s look – you can even use your own jpg files as background images:
1a AcidSolitaire   the review
1b AcidSolitaire   the review
1c AcidSolitaire   the review

Completing a game grants you access to detailed statistics about the game – you can use these to improve your Solitaire skills:
2a AcidSolitaire   the review

Last but not least, AcidSolitaire can indicate when you are close to loosing a game – it can even detect lost games:
3a AcidSolitaire   the review

Various options allow you to make the game suit your taste ideally…for example, the number of undo steps can be limited or the amount of cards dealt increased:
4a AcidSolitaire   the review

Red Mercury integrated a load of options that reduce the amount of pen taps needed. For example, aces are moved to their place at the top automatically…

This review looked at version 4.03 of the program on a Palm Treo 680. The game needs about 500k of memory and was stable in the reviewing period.

Cutting a long story short, AcidSolitaire is an excellent and cool-looking implementation of classic solitaire for Palm OS. The game’s old age has ironed out flaws and UI quirks, and the permanent maintenance has added loads of impressive features lacked by its competitors. If you consider yourself a Solitaire freak, consider investing 15$ in the TamsShop

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