While helping John Wilund integrate SrcEdit into PalmOS Simulator, we stumbled upon an interesting discovery: Ctrl Keys usually have a function AND generate USABLE keyDownEvent structures!

“Wow, that’s real useful, bub…” Actually, yes, it is. While coding your apps to use Ctrl-* in PalmSim may not be ‘worthwhile’ (Who really uses PalmSim, besides developers?), the primary functions of these keys may make testing and debugging much more convenient and realistic than before.

The function of each key varies wildly and some do not even generate a usable key. Here is a list of what I have discovered so far (these are specific to the T|X simulator available via the Palm Inc Developer Network):

Ctrl- Chr Modifiers Function
A 0×105 0×0868 Menu
B 0×101 0×0828 Low Battery
C 0×0106 0x08E8 Command Swipe (/-ish)
D 0×0107 0×0868 n/a
E 0×0108 0×0868 HardKey 1
F 0×0109 0×0868 n/a
G n/a n/a n/a
H n/a n/a n/a
I 0x010A 0×0868 Find Dialog
J n/a n/a n/a
K 0x010B 0×868 Hotsync Dialog
L n/a n/a n/a
M 0x000A 0×0020 n/a
N 0×0103 0×0868 n/a
O n/a n/a n/a
P 0x010C 0×0868 n/a
Q 0x 0×0868 n/a
R n/a n/a Reset
S 0×0208 0×0828 Power
T 0×0113 0×0828 Brightness Adjust
U 0×0122 0×0828 Brightness Adjust
V n/a n/a n/a
W n/a n/a n/a
X 0×0508 0×0828 n/a
Y 0×0500 0×0828 Time Dialog (Clicking Time in SB
Z 0×0502 0×0828 Adjust Brightness

As you can see, PalmSource/ACCESS seemed to be pretty incomplete when adding the keys and missed quite a few keys. But heck, this led to SrcEdit’s PalmSim support…. How does this help you?

Please note that this was tested on PalmSim-TX and other simulators may generate different codes/functions. :-)

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5 Responses to “Hacking PalmSim – Or a Bit More Realistic Simulation”

  1. I can’t believe how many times I right-clicked and picked “Reset” when I could have been hitting Control-R.

  2. Hi,

    Glad it helped!

  3. While searching for what acts as the “Center Button” on the five-way, I came across this post at TreoCentral:

    Guys… I recently did this whole PODS download and development using PODS, then downloading the palmOne specific headers etc. I wish I could just write this all up in one post and help y’all right away. I’ll try to writeup a “How to ‘really’ get started” FAQ and send out a link when I get a chance.
    In the meanwhile, try opening a new project in PODS, and select the sample app template, its a good way to get started for generic palm development.
    Once you get a hang of that then download the palmOne specific headers that allow you to gain access of the 5-way. I had to manually tweak my makefile to compile with these headers and link with their library.
    For API help :

    Keymappings I found from a file were:
    4- Key mapping

    The UI is vastly mouse (pen) driven. There are a few important keys to know

    esc -> power key
    page up -> up key
    page down -> down key
    F1 to F4 -> applicative hard keys
    F5 -> toggles cursor coordinates reporting on or off
    pause/attn-> simulates a shortcut .. stroke. The user can then *draw* a
    number or character sequence

    Control Keys:

    Control+A Displays the menu
    Control+C Command character
    Control+D Confirmation character.
    Control+E Displays the application launcher
    Control+F Displays the onscreen keyboard
    Control+I Jump to the Find Dialog
    Control+K Jump to the Calculator app
    Control+M Enters a linefeed character
    Control+N Jumps to the next field
    Control+P Jumps to the previous field
    Control+R Does a soft reset
    Contorl+Shift+R Does a hard reset
    Control+S Automatic off character
    Control+Pause Enters the 68K debugger

    The following shortcuts are not supported by the NT Simulator:
    Control+B Low battery warning
    Control+T Sets or unsets hard contrasts
    Control+U Turns backlighting on or off

    Most others keys can be used to input text while a field is active.

    It seems to be missing the “Home” key which acts as the ‘select’ button of the 5-way.

    If you are curious to know what I wrote up.. its at:

    Its probably not useful to the general crowd, since it has specifics of where I work.

    More later,
    Sid Vajirkar

  4. Hi Brent,

    Nice find! Those links are dead though. Here’s a link to the access site’s PalmSim manual: http://www.access-company.com/developers/documents/docs/palm_os_garnet_simulator54/Simulator_MenuReference.html#999849

    Thanks for the info Brent!

  5. Hi,
    very useful list – congratz!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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