Once again(on the occasion of a few emails from OZ’s legal department): we will NOT provide you with IM.prc! Please do not post further comments asking for the file – we will not respond!

A insider source inside of Palm has provided us with a binary file called IM.prc containing the Palm Centro’s IM client. Initial tests with a Treo 680 confirm the compatibility of the application:
imgt Centro IM client   works on a Treo 680

IM supports AIM, MSN and Yahoo! messaging services – ICQ and Skype aren’t available as of now:
im Centro IM client   works on a Treo 680

The online help states that the program supports the adding of contacts and background mode – making the application a viable alternative to Mundu or Gizmo.

Meanwhile, all else I can say is that the application arrived in a 1.5MB PRC file called IM.prc. Further testing will commence as soon as I am back in Vienna!

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17 Responses to “Centro IM client – works on a Treo 680”

  1. Hi Tam, from one Palm loyalist to another, it is great that Palm finally released an IM app. I would also like to test this IM app on my Treo 680. Could you be so kind as to send it to my email address? Thanks.

    -Rudy Chow

  2. Can you send it to me too, I have a treo 650, would like to see if it works on it, thanks.

  3. Why not even submitting it to Palmgear?!

  4. No Jabber? Useless.

  5. Sadly, I stopped using IM clients when I discovered IM no longer worked with Blackberry Connect… at least, not simultaneously.

  6. Hi Tam! If you would be so kind to send this prc to your readers, I would be honoured if you also send it to me.. please! :)


    Luis Alberto Arjona

  7. If all you guys want it, why not extract it out of the Palm Centro PC SIM? When I get my TX back from the Palm repair center, I’ll see if it works on that device (highly doubtful).

  8. Yes, that would be the better idea … Otherwise Tam could get serious problems. You can download the Centro Simulator from http://pluggedin.palm.com (first you must create an account). Then copy IM.prc from the ROM to the virtual card (which is a simple folder in the Palm Centro folder, named Card0 or similar) using a file manager (I recommend GentleMan, http://www.mulliner.org/palm as it can copy ROM resources > 100 KB). Then you can install it and see if it works – or not.
    @Brent: IMHO it won’t work on a TX (I tried in the simulator – it requires a phone lib) without patching.

  9. Has anyone actually tried this IM app on a non-sprint network?
    I followed Alexander’s instructions and got the app, but it fails to connect to my AIM and Yahoo! accounts with Err #4.
    I have an unlocked Treo 680.

  10. Any luck with login on cingular n/w ? i want to try on my treo 650 ?

  11. I am new to the palm world. how do i get may 680 to work on the sprint network. or how do i get this sprint app to work on the att network?

  12. I think Tams network is an Austrian one. Do they have sprint?

  13. Hi,
    no – SPRINT is a CDMA carrier, but Austria has only got GSM carriers!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  14. How can I get the IM? I have a palm centro and I think I accidently erased the IM thinggy

  15. Hi,
    the GSM version IMHO doesnt have it…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  16. hey i was hoping you could send me the IM APP

  17. Please read the article again – especially the first sentence…

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