Dear Readers,
we have just received the following in response to our article about putting the IM Client of the Centro onto other devices:


I am the lawyer of OZ Communications Inc., a software company that
develops and license in and email client applications worldwide. I see
>from the link below that Tam Hanna has had access to our software build
and may distribute it to third parties.

I would like to contact him and inform him that the software build is
confidential and proprietary information of OZ Communications Inc. and
that it should not be shared to third parties. It is unfortunate that
someone at Palm gave access to it to Tam Hanna, and would like to have
Mr. Hanna’s cooperation on this issue.

As the owner of the website, I would kindly ask you to either remove the
section of the blog referring to our software, or put me in contact with
Mr. Hannah.

Thank you for your collaboration.


Jacques Lemoine | General Counsel | OZ

I am currently attempting to contact both Jaques and the EFF and expect answers soon.

Meanwhile, I would like to remind you once again of a very basic TamsPalm policy: no piracy! If you have posted links to IM.prc to TamsPalm, please leave a comment here so that we can remove them!

Tamoggemon Software is a small firm that does not have the time and energy to fight a dedicated legal department of a company. Please help us and press freedom by playing by the rules – it is to your own advantage, as a lawsuit could potentially damage TamsPalm operations severely!

Best regards
Tam Hanna and the TamsPalm team

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8 Responses to “Centro IM – lawyer responds”

  1. Might I say I back you guys fully on this! I would not give OZ any information in regards to the person who provided you with the PRC file or anything like that.

    Freedom of Press and protection of sources. I assume you guys are based in the United States, protected fully by the U.S. Constitution.

    I hope you guys get through to the EFF, I would like to see OZ taken down for this… I think any company that threatens legal action like this should be given every effort to be shot out. Apple was an example with the whole Garageband issue, but obviously companies didn’t learn their lesson. lol

    Good luck guys! =)

    Editor in Chief of *future*

  2. Since everyone can pull the Messenger from a real Centro or from the simulator, I really can’t see their problem.

  3. That’s also my opinion. But I think that the lawyer was worried because so many readers asked to send them files. And to put it out again: TamsPalm can’t and won’t send you these files !!!

    Alexander Gratz

  4. If OZ’s lawyer read the comments where readers asked to be sent the files, they must also have read Alexander’s comment that TamsPalm would not do that.

    And as Oliver pointed out, Palm gives IM away to developers for free, and it’s a trivial matter to register as a developer.

    So this letter is merely an attempt to cause problems (which the lawyer can then bill OZ to solve).

  5. Just because readers ask for us (us meaning Tamspalm) to distribute copyrighted material, doesn’t mean we’ll do it, and in fact we have a very strict NO PIRACY policy!

  6. Hi,
    they already clarified what they wanted. Let’s give them the benefits of doubt and foreign language – for me, it looks like a miscommunication due to English not being their mother tongue.

    So – don’t share the files…and we’ll all get along.

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  7. Please stop sending 10-15 text messages to my cell 727 501 2671.

    I do not carry centro now and stop sending annoying messages. If by mistake, I have subscribed, please cancel my subscription.

    mihir patel

  8. Helli mihir,
    TamsPalm NEVER sends out any SMS messages!

    If you receive any SMS claiming to be from Tamoggemon, please send us an email at Tamog AT gmx DOT at so that we can prosecute the source!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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