ZLauncher is a very popular launcher replacement for Palm OS handhelds – it can easily be expanded by third party developers using the ZLauncher plug-in API. A sample for the API is contained in the distribution file – however, getting it ready for OnBoardC usage is not exactly easy.

This version of ZLPlugin.h has worked well for me with OnBoardC 2.4 and 2.6 – it allows you to use all ZLauncher functions except for ZLDrawChars(no idea why, but it kills the compile process). Additionally, the current build of ZLauncher seems to have a bug in the variable-length preference functions…the calls execute correctly, but don’t work(aka save/read data).

Anyways, here goes:

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2 Responses to “ZLauncher Plug-In API for OnBoardC”

  1. Nice job, thanks!


  2. Hi,
    a pleasure!

    Look forward to a nice Tamoggemon plugin upcoming soon!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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