DataViz wrote an article about the iPhone as Apple announced to release a SDK for the iPhone next year. This is what DataViz announces in their blog:

dvz iphone Documents To Go for the iPhone?“So what does this mean for DataViz, you ask? Hard to say at this point (after all, the SDK was only announced yesterday and won’t be available for a few months), but imagine Exchange ActiveSync access to your email, editing Office files, and having all of your PINs and passwords encrypted and easily accessed on your new iPhone!

We’ve been getting more and more requests each day asking us – begging, in some cases – to bring our applications to the iPhone, specifically Documents To Go, RoadSync, and Passwords Plus. Thanks to this announcement, we’ll be able to give this serious consideration. You can bet we’ll have our hands on this SDK as soon as possible. I can’t guarantee anything, but please, if you are interested in having DataViz software on your iPhone, let us know!”

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