Well, Dmitry Grinberg of PalmPowerUps fame has done it again. He is currently completing work on his latest hack: a T|X ROM reflasher. This application is not Dmitry’s/Palm, Inc’s “TX2″ reflasher; it works, not only on the overflow ROM area, but on the rest of the ROM, OS and all. There seems to be quite in interest in this application, especially among the ‘Old School’ Palm users, the folks who used to use and love the Jack* applications.

Dmitry has quite a few cool projects (here, here, here and others) going at the moment, and it is very cool to finally see a TX ROM reflasher! Unlike his previous reflasher, PowerRom is completely Dmitry’s code (not a hacked ESU) and will be marketed as shareware.

Dmitry expects to be done with this application soon and you can be sure TamsPalm will be there to cover it!

PS: Dmitry is in need of a Tungsten T5. If you would be willing to donate a T|T5, contact him at dmitrygr AT gmail DOT com!

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2 Responses to “Don’t need Dialer on your T|X? Delete it off your ROM!”

  1. So he is hacking again :) (btw where do you have the news from?)

    But why only TX? JackFlash etc. worked on many devices…

  2. Hi Alex,

    I heard the news from him on yahoo, then on 1src. The thread is here: http://www.1src.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135979

    As for TX only support, what I gathered from Dmitry on Yahoo! messenger was that each device has a different flash chip and thus need different code to handle it. Adding support for other devices would be possible, but he would need that device (hence the T|T5 request)

    Hope this helps,

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