tealscan.gifTealPoint has released a new application in its beta section. TealScan shows information about your system, memory and helps you diagnosing problems. Currently it has four tabs:


System information (battery, memory, phone signal). The “system” button shows another window with additional information about the operating system, CPU, Flash ID, … The “storage” button leads to a fatal exception and “BG Proc” shows apps that are active in background.


This section seems to be inactive. Once completed, it will scan the device for special issues. At the moment it shows only “MORE COMING SOON”; a tap on the “Scan” button causes a soft reset.


Here you can probably set up tasks which should be performed regularly. But it is also inactive right now.


This seems to be something similar to TrackerDog. Using the internet, it checks if your applications are up-to-date. On my device, it shows only one app which is too old. This could be because their update database is still small.

You can download the second alpha version which crashes very often and is many missing features. But if TealPoint continues developing, it could become a very interesting application for every Palm user!

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2 Responses to “TealScan – system info and diagnostics application”

  1. It works on OS 4. One feature I would like to see is dynamic memory information though.

  2. TealPoint released version 1.0!

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