This review has nothing to do with PalmOS but it makes just as much fun though it is not very useful: The Brando USB Misslie Launcher.
The device is shipped with a paper target, 3 missiles and the software for the PC. Once the launcher is plugged into an USB port, Windows recognizes it as a “Human Interface Device” and installs the needed drivers automatically. The software – which is Windows Vista ready – for controlling the launcher can also be installed onto an USB drive so that you can carry the device with you.

The size of the device can be seen in the image below:
100 1692thumbnail The Brando USB Missile Launcher

How the device acts and how the controlling software works can be expressed the best way by a video:
USB Misslie Launcher video on

After you have hit the “Fire!” button you will hear an audio warning for three times until the missile launches.
Instead of using the software + mouse to control your launcher you can use the keyboard for:
- moving (left-right-up-down): arrow keys
- fire: space
Even though the rockets are build out of foam plastic, please do not aim or shoot at humans or animals!

In my opinion this little toy is a great way to skip some time when it is getting boring – e.g. in your office :)

You can buy the launcher for 35 USD at the brando shop:
USB Misslile Launcher at the brando shop

This review is available in german, too.

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2 Responses to “The Brando USB Missile Launcher”

  1. [...] though it is not very useful.

    Depends on what you are doing with.

    please do not aim or shoot at humans


  2. Sounds like the ideal device for breaking up those moments when your concentration goes and you need some light distraction.

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