By good luck and ill fortune, I managed to visit the vienniese PalmUserGroup meeting last Thursday. As usual, it was held in the Pizza Plus in Alterlaa…good food at affordable prices. There were four of us at the meeting – here are the topics:

Flush – a small freeware application that flushes the DB cache at power-off, was beamed around. Our Treo 650-users seem to like the application very much…on my Treo 680, it did nothing except slowing down poweroff by approximately 40secs:
0a PUG Vienna met last Thursday

Freedom Bluetooth Keyboard
Freedom’s classic bluetooth keyboard has served me well so far(especially while my Laptop was at Acer’s for an insanely long repair cycle). However, Alex didn’t particularly like it – its response to typing was too slow for his liking(he is an extremely fast typist):
1a PUG Vienna met last Thursday
1b PUG Vienna met last Thursday
1c PUG Vienna met last Thursday

HP ipaq rx4240 and StyleTap
Martin took a detailed look at the TamsPPC rx4240 – and gave StyleTap and the Windows CE GUI a workout:
2a PUG Vienna met last Thursday

Mini Laptops
Asus eee and the OLPC XO were also discussed to some extent. There is an OLPC XO demo in Vienna every Wednesday(expect info soon)… . The main topic of controversy was about the XO’s display…luckily, an ipaq running NotePad makes an excellent conflict resolution tool:
3a PUG Vienna met last Thursday

Treo Torch
Martin, the fearless Treo 650 modder, struck once again. After bringing us , he now integrated a torch into his 650′s antenna:
4a PUG Vienna met last Thursday

Weather applications
Alex and I got into a little quarrel about the best weather app – he preferred KMeteo, while I preferred TreoWeather. While the latter looks better(available in the TamsShop), KMeteo is free and supports a 10day forecast.
5a PUG Vienna met last Thursday

Add in the regular chit-chat about Apple and remote-controlled helicopters and the classically-well-done Pizza Plus food, and you have one happy bunch of Palm OS users…
Overall, I really enjoyed this user meeting. The next one is on December the 6th…not sure if I will make it…

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9 Responses to “PUG Vienna met last Thursday”

  1. I cant find the program you mentioned Flush. Did you mean FlushIt or possibly OffFlush?
    Thanks Tam!

  2. Hey I like that torch. I actually have a very similar idea a while ago to add a light to my treo, but I wasn’t sure how I could get a switch to fit in any way that didn’t destroy the device. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find out how he did it.. and also where he tapped the voltage from.

  3. There I see palms and ppcs, iPhone missing! you guys really need to get your hands on one

    Long time Palm user – short time ppc hater – iPhone lover.

  4. Hi Guys and Gals,
    first of all – the app really calls itself nothing but Flush – I can upload it on request!

    As for the torch…I can ask next time! AFAIK, the switch is where the antenna connector was, and the power is coming from the battery.

    As for the iPhone…coming eventually, just stay tuned :) .

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  5. Tam, I would love to be able to download it, so uploading gets my vote.

    Thank you Tam!

  6. Hi Gretchen,
    ok – will post it soon!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  7. I wonder if we can ask Gretchen, what could we do to bring more women users to Palm? Maybe she will like the new Centro?

    Flashlight? Torch? Maybe a handheld wifi detector with a torch would be more useful? Or how about a pedometer onto a palm or Treo so that you can find out how much exercise you are getting?

    Maybe a universal e-book reader light? Hey if they can have universal keyboards why not a design the best ebook/book reader light competition?

  8. Thank you Tam. I look forward to it.

    philpalm: Re: more women users. I think marketing. I never really thought the Palm devices were marketed for all the bang it can give different users, let alone women. The advertizing I’ve seen for Treo devices were from mobile service providers and mainly to businessmen types. Now, had Palm been marketing to other types of people (or at all), I am certain their popularity would be much higher, especially for women. -I could see the sexy red devices with matching shiny red lips as she gets a call and can accurately touch the keyboard with the same red painted fingernails. That would make me want that device. Projecting the message that smart is sexy together. Of course, market to other types as well.

    That idea just came to me, just a quick response.

  9. Hi Gretchen,
    stay tuned – review coming soon!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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