If you are like me, then you are spelling impaired, but are there any solutions for this problem on a Palm device? Most of you probably know Documents To Go Premium Edition has a spell checker, but how about something else that is easily accessible in all applications? I use a little-known, not in active development spell checker called Spell5. It is totally Free, and works great. But no, it does not automatically underline every misspelled word like on your desktop, but it does work with the Clipboard in kind of a cool way. It automatically Copies/Pastes to and from the Clipboard (and the Cutpaste5 Clipboard if you have that installed) when you start Spell5, and when you exit it. So to check the spelling of of a word or block of text you would have to do something like this:

Copy to the Clipboard whatever you want to spell check.

 Spelling Solutions For Your Palm

Exit your currently running application and launch Spell5. Spell5 will then automatically paste the text from the Clipboard into its text field.

 Spelling Solutions For Your Palm

Where you can then hit the “Check” button to check the spelling. It will then check the spelling by showing the misspelled word with a list of correct choices (much like when you right-click a misspelled word in Windows).

 Spelling Solutions For Your Palm

Where you can either Replace/Skip/Learn/Cancel the current operation. Once you exit Spell5, it will copy the contents of its text field (the one that you just corrected the spelling of) back to the Clipboard, where you can then paste the correctly spelled text to wherever you need. You may be asking, that I stated a spell checker that was “easily accessible from all applications”, and this didn’t fit those guidelines. Well I myself use a great Shareware Application from Alex Pruss called OnTop that will allow you to launch Applications on top of others, instead of having to exit the currently running program. This works beautifully in conjunction with Spell5 to make spell checking text very easy, but this does not mean you have to have OnTop to use Spell5, it just makes it more convenient.

What do you think?

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5 Responses to “Spelling Solutions For Your Palm”

  1. Hi,

    I’d like to tsee it incorporated directly into typing. corrections as you go.


  2. Well that would be the best (red underline that when press-and-held brought up a popup list), but this is best we have to work with atm ;-)

  3. You can accessorize it using Accessorizer and its free: http://www.1src.com/freeware/fileinfo.php?id=1674

    This apps turns your app into a DA. I’m going to try it now with Spell5.

  4. Thanks Danceman :) I actually knew about Accessorizer, and purposely mentioned OnTop (just an enhanced version of Accessorizer) because I like to try to mention Alex Pruss’ shareware work because he does so much for the Palm OS community.

  5. If anyone is looking for Spell5, it can be found here: http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Word-Processing-Text-Tools/Spell5-40338.shtml

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