banner kubuntu Kubuntu and Palm supportCurrently, the developers of the Linux distribution Kubuntu are asking their users which additional applications could be integrated into the next version of the distribution. People which have created an account on the Wiki page can write new propositions or add checkmarks to existing ones.

As I am looking for a solution which enables me to sync my Palm (and Pocket PC) with my Linux computer, I added “a good and reliable solution to synchronize data with Palm PDAs and Pocket PCs“. There are a few programs (KPilot, for instance, or SynCE for Pocket PCs), but none of them really worked here. One didn’t find my PDA, another one cleared all databases (!). Syncing my Pocket PC was even more difficult, I had to do much on a console (which I hate) and it never worked stable. And after a reboot, I could do the whole procedure again.

What I want is a synchronization solution which needs one little and easy configuration. After that, it should work stable and reliable. The next version of Kubuntu will be released next year. If there will be a better PDA support then, I will probably install it on my computer.

Do you want this, too? Or how do you sync your Palm with Linux? If you are also interested in this feature, you can write that onto the Wiki page, or, if you don’t want to register there, you can write a comment here.

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10 Responses to “Kubuntu and Palm support”

  1. I use a Lifedrive alongside Kubuntu Gutsy and am often left wanting for better support. It used to work well in Dapper & Edgy, but since Feisty everything has gone downhill. And to make matters worse, after hard resetting the PDA and trying to copy everything from the PC using KPilot, all my contacts, tasks and calendar have been mysteriously wiped from Kontact! I think it is definitely something which has to be addressed in the next release.

  2. Have you ever tried finchsync ( The program is written in Java and runs on Windows and Linux. It has some problems with recurring events, but conficuration isn’t too hard. My first test was quite positive.

  3. IMHO, FinchSync only syncs with Pocket PCs, and only when an appointment has a special category (Once I was looking for a solution to sync my Pocket PC with Thunderbird Calendar).

  4. You can try the OpenSync project. It’s also what Kitchensync for KDE uses as back-end I think. OpenSync can synchronise quite a lot of different devices/services with each other. Take a look at it :)

  5. My Visors (Deluxe and Platinum) sync happily with Jpilot for quite a while now. In my experience it’s reliable and very stable. There are some plugins available, the keyring plugin is nice. What Jpilot does not is archiving deleted records. I think it’s definitely worth to give it a try.

    Another option would be Evolution, a friend used to sync his Visors with that.

  6. Jpilot works for me on Debian Linux – I have used it for years with my Palm Tungsten C and now
    the Lifedrive. No complaints.

    I think it compiles in the Pilot-Link sync stuff.

    I have had no success with KPilot or others
    I have tried. They always crash.

  7. I’ve been using gpilot for about 3 years now with no major problems. I did have some issues with getting the USB sync to work, but since I got a WiFi card for my T5 which is faster than the USB sync, I only ever do network syncs now. It always just works. I hotsync, open up Evolution, and have all of my contacts, memos, etc.

    As a side note, gpilot actually seems to back up considerably more data than using the Windows software that comes with it. The last time I had to do a restore from a Windows backup, all I got were my programs, contacts, and memos. With my gpilot backup, the restore brings the Palm back to exactly the state it was in when I last synced. I just recalibrate my stylus and everything else works. (Wifi, Graffiti 1, etc)

  8. @Michiel@ – opensync (at version 0.2.X) is currently buggier than kdepim, evolution, or jpilot. As for the latest 0.3.X, the developers tell you to stay clear from it unless you are a developer

    @Matt W@ – the problem with jpilot is that it hasn’t been maintained for quite some time now. It’s also hard to import/export contacts/events.

    Both kpilot and gpilot (evolution) can’t sync categories and they often erase your data.

    The bottom line is that linux is not ready for palm yet

  9. I agree. Linux is not fully ready for palm yet.

    I have so much trouble with syncing my pilot. I use ubuntu, and the funny thing is everything works fine prior to release of intrepid.

    I saw a thread for this bug, and nobody seems to be interested in fixing it.

  10. What I do not understand is that for so long Linux seems to have ignored the PDA user. This is so, so basic and fundamental. I have spent the last 5 days trying to get my T3 to sync with Evolution and the searches show a lot of people with the same problems and a distinct lack of solutions.

    Please, please can this be prioritised!!!!

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